Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Do you have a link for me? Well? DO YOU?!?!?!?

The main and most important purpose of this blog is to serve me. My need to practice my writing skills (or lack of same), my desire to spout off about things no one cares about and ability to tell people I am a writer without being a complete liar (okay, I am a complete liar but so is everyone else) are all causes that are served by this site.

There is however another reason for this site. It allows me to take one address in my head that has all my favorite links on it. Now I have been told by a party who shall remain nameless that I should avoid having more than 100 links on any given page which gives me lots of room for some more links. Most of my friends have different interests from me so they are generally useless as a source of new links so I will put it to my "readers" (meaning people that came to this site as part of a search that went horribly wrong) -
That being the case, please leave links in the comment section that I would find interesting. If I do find them interesting and I feel that I will be visiting them regularly, I will add it to my list of links which I hope to organize more sensibly when I learn how and have time. Who knows? Someone else who finds this site because of a bad search might see the link you left and use it. You will have changed someone's surfing habits (mine at least) and, like the flapping of a butterfly's wings, you will have caused a small change that will magnify over time to change the universe. (You know that chaos stuff, it is not like I made that up. STOP JUDGING ME!) If I don't like it, it will stay in the comment section and never be seen by anyone ever again. The following are criteria for what I would find interesting:

1) Sites that contain articles or news on science and technology are great. Real science and technology only please. No sites that claim that the scientific community is suppressing or ignoring the stories because they are all closed minded jerks or that everyone agrees with them but are afraid to say so because they are being pressured by corporations or the forces of political correctness or others. No conspiracy or pseudo-science like creationism, holocaust deniers, or theories about humans being created by or mating with UFO pilots. No mental vibration, crystal gripping, herbal licking, chakra aligning new-age sites passing as science.

Sites must be readable by a general audience or by someone that is scientifically literate but might not have specific knowledge of the subject being discussed. Sites with too much math will not usually make the cut.

2) Political sites especially international politics. No partisans, pundits, left-wing economic socialists, right-wing theocrats or nut bars. No anti-corporation and anti free trade types like Michael Moore or Lou Dobbs. No corporate welfare apologists or pseudo-capitalistic "don't make our industry compete in the real world" cry-babies. No losers that are panicking about the sudden existence of homosexuals, immigrant or Jewish people. In fact, no sites by anyone that says "the Jews" instead of "Jewish people" or blames their problems on someone else. No conspiracy sites. No sites about the war (pro or anti) that think that people who disagree with them are evil. No sites that use the term evil in a comfortable, matter-of-fact kind of way.

3) Sites that deal with the future or trends through time such as demographics.

4) Sites that deal with solutions, good news, and progress rather than whining, complaining and blaming.

5) No pornography. I have nothing against it (legal stuff at least) but the Adsence people are not fond of it. Nothing violent or revolting for the same reason or misogynism because it will anger me. I like females. Everyone should.

If you are not sure leave the link and let me decide. It is not like you will ever be back to this site ever again anyway so what difference does it make? If you like the links that I accumulate, feel free to use this site for the same reason.

Thank you, you anonymous strangers in Cyberspace. In my imagination you are all beautiful women.



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