Monday, January 31, 2005

Iraq wins election. Killers defeated

I am not Bush's biggest fan and I dislike Kerry too. I am so glad only one of them could win. I am libertarian in my views so people on the right think I am a left wing liberal and those on the left think I am a neo-con conspirator. I only hang around with people who don't watch politics now-a-days. That being said I am in favor of the U.S. military's action in Iraq. Not all of them, mind you. Prisoner abuse is totally unjustified, morally and practically and I really think lives would have been saved if Rumsfeld had been replaced with someone that could take advise like maybe that chimp that Ronald Reagan once stared with. Ok I just lost any potential right wing readers with that one) I am in favor of people and freedom and democracy. It was not perfect on January 30, but it represented the will of the people of Iraq and they have every right to be proud of themselves.

The Sunnis were not represented, you say? Many voted and some of those who didn't were observing the boycott which is itself an expression of their opinion. Some Sunnis decided it was too risky to vote where they lived. That is tragic but should an entire national election be considered illegitimate because one fraction of one minority group decided it was not safe? Especially since it was members of the same group that were causing the situation by calling a boycott and giving the killers an excuse to single them out. When an ethnic group suppresses itself how is the rest of the society to blame? It was only areas where Arab Sunnis were the vast majority of the population where turn out was low and not even as low as it was expected to be. People have no right to say that the Sunnis are now going to be repressed because, and I may be mislead on this because the information comes from the left leaning media but... Aren't many or most Kurds also Sunni? Are they really going to team up with the Shias to oppress their own religion just for vengeance? Should the votes of those who were brave enough to turn out in those areas be discounted? Let me see if I can come up with a possible answer to that.

(Think... Think... Think...WAIT I HAVE THE ANSWER) NO.

I think it is disgraceful that the media has blacked out all reconstruction news. With the Internet, any clever person can sort through the facts, fiction, true arguments and sophistry that are really out there. One can gain access to stories that the media report yet bury on page 49 or don't report at all. Does the media really think that by hiding this stuff from a few people that no one will notice that they have completely chosen the side of people who feel that Iraq must burn so that Bush will not be proven right? I know these guys smoked dope during ethics class at journalism school but what about simple logic? (I will address reason and logic in an upcoming post.)

I was telling a friend of mine about the reconstruction work that has been done to date ( ( and he expressed surprise. "I thought that with all the violence there basically was no reconstruction going on?" That is the story as reported by all Western and Middle Eastern media. Either organizations like the Army Corp of Engineers and USAID are lying to the world and the media has been too chicken to say so outright, or the media is lying. Which is it? Ok, now I have lost the potential left wingers with that one. No wonder no one ever reads my blog.


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