Sunday, January 09, 2005

My first post.

So. Here I am... Blogging.

When I first heard of blogging it was just beginning to be spoken about in the outside world. I happened to come across some blogs while googling and I couldn't help think, "Man! What a stupid thing to create a new word over."

Blogging, back then seemed to be just a bunch of nobodies putting their diaries on-line so that they could bore the world with their insane ramblings. Then I realized that that is pretty much what the mainstream media is doing when they publish and broadcast except they have degrees in journalism to make them sound educated. Also they can type entire paragraphs without using Internet shorthand that I never understand, lol! Also when the media hate someone they are slick enough to slather them with fallacies, sophistries, rhetoric and character assassinations. The most that the common Internetarian can muster is "He sucks!!!" (Ya, I am a misanthrope. Sue me!)

Then I heard that the media actually looks at what is being discussed in blogs and uses this info to help them decide what stories people are interested in. This makes me feel sorry for the media because their reporters and writers need to go to the Internet to find out what actual people think. Have they no friends in the real world? It also gave me a real sense of power. If I start a blog, if enough people link to me, some reporter might think I represent the opinions of some of their readers. I love fooling people.

Since I have exposed myself as having an anti-media lean, you may wonder if I am left-wing, right-wing or a "centralist". After all, both the left and the right claim that the media is biased against them. Actually I feel that the media is biased towards the lowest common denominator because they are common and as such represent a large market for sponsors. Stories that happen to favor the right go unnoticed by the right but prove to the left that the media is biased against them. Stories that favor the left don't activate the long-term memory of the left but get the right wing into a tizzy. Certain shows, papers and editors are biased to either left or right but they are so ignorant that they can't stay on message anyway.

Even the left and the right can't figure out what they believe. If you took the labels of Republican, Democrat, conservative and liberal away from them, no one would be able to figure out who's side they were on. Remember how Republicans used to be in favor of free trade, free enterprise and free speech? That was before Jesus took over the party. Clinton spent most of his presidency trying to figure out ways to let the FBI into peoples computers undetected and make the entire Internet into a G-rated nightmare with no porno or harsh language. I wonder what is on his hard drive. And now the left is sympathetic to Islamic hardliners? I guess with Jesus having been copyrighted by the republicans they need a new religion to cuddle with.

Am I a centralist then? A moderate? Who are you and why do you care? Who sent you!?!?!?

No. A centralist is someone that thinks there is a compromise between the left and the right. This is, as far as I see, like compromising between schizophrenia and antisocial personality disorder. The right and left are completely and fundamentally wrong about everything. Start thinking about issues for yourself instead of latching on to personalities and teams. This is life not sports.

I have completely lost all focus now so I will end this post. Maybe after I have edited my profile this blog will take on some kind of structure or purpose.

Don't count on it though.


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