Thursday, January 13, 2005

Prince Harry, run for the hills!

Halloween is a time to dress up like scary monsters but it seems like Prince Harry picked the wrong monster to dress up as. He went to a party in a Nazi uniform. He has apologized but the British opposition doesn't accept his apology. They want to see him in person, squirming over his misdeed. Actually they just want to use the issue to look strong against racism. Opportunism is the life blood of politics.

Has it perhaps dawned on any of Prince Harry's critics that perhaps he is just a young and somewhat sheltered man that is entitled to make mistakes? Lots of regular people dress up as Vikings, Nazis and cult leaders. Some people get a kick out of it, some people feel it is in bad taste (these are the people that show up dressed as clowns, and bunnies - oh... scary!!) but no one pitches an indignation parade. When someone apologizes in good faith, it is unseemly to complain about the format and medium of the apology.

Prince Harry's biggest mistake, the only thing he has never seemed to grasp, is that even though he will get none of the prestige of being a king in waiting, he has no right to be a normal person. He should have this right but life is not fair. Being rich must be some compensation though. Why does anyone think Harry is a celebrity anyway, he has no power, he has never made a movie, written a book, except for wealth and relatives he is no different from me. Where are my paperatzi, damn it!

P.S. I have since found out that the costume party had a theme. It was "natives and colonials". Given the ethnocentric theme, a Nazi uniform seems quite appropriate. What else are you going to go as, a native with a bone through his nose or a brave British explorer in a pith helmet? Give me a break. I think Harry has the right impression about colonialism. His brother is said to have attended the party dressed as a lion which while slightly out of context is a clever way to avoid controversy.

P.P.S. Harry, it is time you told the British people to take their pathological obssesion with you and their hurt feelings as well and shove them someplace warm. Then move someplace warm, get a job as a bar tender serving drinks to tourists, renounce your title and citizenship, hire a photographer to saturate the British market with pictures of you in your new life until it bores and annoys the crap out of everyone, allowing yourself to fade into anonymity. Try Austrailia. You could eventually get a job at that crocodile hunter guy's zoo. He knows how fickle and whiney the public can get and how fast they can turn on you.

P.P.P.S. To Prince Charles: Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, Chuck! After all the crap your kids have put up with from you you have no right to throw a morality party now. Stop scoring political points off you kid and stand up for him. Also, genetic modifications rule, you sissy. You have been eating GM crops for years sucker!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


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