Sunday, February 13, 2005

Alternative lifestyle penguins get Germans excited

A plan to test the sexual preference of some penguins at a zoo in Bremerhaven, Germany has angered the gay and lesbian community in that country. They fear that zookeepers will try to force them to be straight. Why they think zookeepers are stupid is beyond me. I guess the homosexuals are not immune to making irrational assumptions about people based on little or no information. They must have visions of zookeepers sitting in the enclosures reading Leviticus to the birds.

The actual motivation is to see if the birds are just responding to an insufficient number of females (penguin Oz) and need to get some more lady penguins in the zoo, or if they are just gay birds. Like the enemies of Sponge Bob Square-pants, the gay activists have gone off half-cocked (no pun intended) on this on. There must be no real examples of homophobia and discrimination in Germany to take action against. Good for them.


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