Saturday, February 26, 2005

Canada Selfishly Ignores Bush in Favor of Public Opinion

I can not believe that my country has decided to go with public opinion over the will of our President. Bush made it quite clear what the right decision for us was. He even took time out of his trip which was intended to mend relations and to thank Canadians for their help and hospitality during the flight problems associated with 9-11 to give us this needed direction.

"When President Bush visited Canada in December, he surprised Ottawa with several unsolicited pitches for support of the defense shield,"

How clear does the guy have to make things?

"However, polls indicate that most Canadians are opposed to the scheme. Many believe that the umbrella, when fully implemented, could lead to an international arms race."

Who cares what polls indicate, we already had an election and the current minority government should not spend it's time worrying about what Canadians think, it is the opposition that can bring down the government not Canadians and they are split on the issue. Besides, there will be no arms race for decades because that is how long it will take to get the system working.

Many people have rightly pointed out that this system will protect Canadian territory even if we don't participate and even if we never asked for or wanted this done. It is therefore selfish for us to not support the program. I agree. It is as if a neighbor were putting up a giant wind breaking barrier which you thought was ugly and would make the neighborhood a laughingstock. If the neighbor were to tell you that it could be made higher if you allowed some cables to be attached to your yard and it would not be intrusive and that the project was going ahead anyway, how could you in good conscience refuse the request when you knew that you would benefit from the lower wind. What kind of a neighbor is Canada to not lend its crucial support to a project which the U.S. has stated they can do with or without our help. Canada is in the way if a missile attack is launched at the U.S. from terrorists in Siberia or a rogue state like Nunavut, should it show nuclear ambitions. This could cost the United States valuable seconds during a polar assault.

I wish my nation would show some backbone and start standing up to it's citizens when our commander and chief calls for unity in service of what is good for us all. Though I still think that lasers would be far better for shooting down missiles since they can be aimed quickly, made mobile, disguised in ways that missile bases can't and have even shown better results in prototypes than anti-missile missiles but I am not the president of North America so what do I know.


At Sun Feb 27, 06:02:00 PM 2005, Blogger Brad Warbiany said...

It's even worse than you might think.

Prime Minister Paul Martin said Canada must be consulted before the U.S. decides to fire on missiles that enter Canadian airspace, despite Ottawa's refusal to participate in America's missile defence program.Assuming a missile will follow the "great circle route from pretty much any country in the northern hemisphere, it will cross Canada's airspace even if aimed at the US.

Sorry, but if it's coming at us, we're gonna try and shoot it down. Regardless of who's airspace it's over.

At Sun Feb 27, 07:47:00 PM 2005, Blogger Apesnake said...

No worry, we will sort out the debris, mail parts of the missiles and anti-missiles back to the appropriate countries and declare war on an uninvolved party like, say Finland. Martin's statement is like the old chestnut about legalizing marijuana without America's permission. There are certain things that get said in Canada for the sake of looking as if they were being discussed but have no relation to reality.

We don't care about any debris because A) MAD is still valid and B) How many people can a little radiation released at high altitude and metal fragments kill anyway. Cold and dark winters cause fatalism; it is part of our culture.


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