Saturday, February 12, 2005

Eason Jordan resigned - finally

An article that I found at Eason Jordan has finally resigned. This allows him to continue his claim that he never said that the U.S. forces were deliberately targeting journalists, despite the claims of witnesses to the contrary including that of an American elected official, without actually making the transcripts public.

"While my CNN colleagues and my friends in the US military know me well enough to know I have never stated, believed, or suspected that US military forces intended to kill people they knew to be journalists, my comments on this subject in a World Economic Forum panel discussion were not as clear as they should have been," Jordan states. His friends may be willing to take his word for it but since there are witnesses to the contrary maybe he should permit the release the transcripts so we can all see who said what. After all, if what he says is true then an elected official of the United States is lying as well as some other notable people. If that is the case then Jordan has a duty to ask that the transcripts be released. A duty not just to clear his name but to expose a lying politician. (Unless Jordan is well and truly full of it)

The article (by Agence France Presse) goes on to insinuate that this is a case of a poor guy making a slip of the tongue, apologizing for it and yet being hounded out of a job. In actual fact, all Jordan has apologized for is that he did not make himself clear enough and that everyone is too muddle-headed to remember what he said accurately. This is why he and CNN will not provide access to what he actually said.

"Almost immediately he amended his remark "to make it clear that there was no policy on the part of the US government to target or injure journalists," the moderator, journalist David Gergen, said." So instead of there being an official policy of killing journalists which he can not prove, there is a tendency for some troupes to kill journalists which he can not prove and it does not matter anyway because he neither said nor amended any of it. But we don't need to see the transcript, it all makes perfect sense, I am sure. It was all off the record anyway so he can say what he likes with impunity. Right?

"This is too high a price to pay for someone who has given so much of himself over 20 years. And he's brought down over a single mistake because people beat him up in the blogosphere?" said Gergen, the Davos panel moderator and an editor at the magazine "US News and World Report." I am sorry but this is not a single mistake, it is an on going lie that he has been caught in and still refuses to admit to. By not admitting, he is questioning the word of a number of people while refusing to provide access to the evidence that would clear up the matter. Jordan did make a single mistake as Gergen say. He then compounded it by covering it up, claiming that others were mistaken and questioning their integrity or their intelligence. Twenty years of giving of yourself (what everyone else would call just doing their job) does not excuse that. To claim that Jordan is a victim of the blog mob is to say that he is a victim of a group of people that are asking the kind of questions that people like Gergen don't have the integrity to ask.

Thankfully there is a blogosphere because the media is MIA.


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