Friday, February 25, 2005

Erection Salesmen

Ok, look here!

I support just about any lewd or lascivious or salacious material, behavior or dialog that you could care to mention as long as everyone is adult, mentally competent, consenting etc. and most of all when it is in an appropriate context. The Internet - appropriate. Prime time NBC news cast - come one. NBC needs to ask its sponsors to show some taste. I am singling out NBC because I often watch the news with my elderly parents. (Yes, I am over 30 and while going back to college I have been living with my folks. That is not the same as being over 30, working at a dead end job and living in your parent's basement while learning Klingon.)

I would expect smutty commercials if I were watching cable and network sit coms, I would even enjoy them since most of the sit coms themselves are so unbelievably stupid. I would not be watching sit coms with my parents because their heads would explode. Unfortunately, my parents got into the habit of watching NBC evening news back in the old days when they were sponsored by reputable companies and they have continued the habit. So I get to sit there in the living room watching mediocre media when the commercial break comes on and all of a sudden some woman is bragging about how her husband is now able to give her the type of long, hard, enduring, quality experience erections that they both enjoy. Um, WTF!!!

Or some deep throated announcer (definitely no pun intended) is going on about these two people, who have moved their matching bathtubs onto a local mountain and how they can have their intimate moment whenever the mood strikes them because of this fabulous erectile dysfunction medicine. That one is all in second person so he says "YOU want to be ready to respond to YOUR partner whenever YOU both decide the moment is right. YOU want to be ready with a quality erection don't YOU?" So my parents have their knitting and ancient classic literature books to distract them and I am sitting there with just the ceiling to stare at.

For Jebus Crimson sake can't marketers show a little dignity? And why are they pushing this stuff at people who watch the news? Are they saying that if you show any awareness about the world around you, you must be impotent? It is a sad day when you miss the hemroid commercials that they used to air with the cartoon grapes as a metaphor.

If these medicine maniacs want to pitch their wares (most certainly, no pun intended) after 10 when most seniors are asleep and the ones that are interested in sex are surfing the dial looking for girls gone wild videos, I have no problem with this soft-core drivel. But please NBC, stop asking me about the quality of my erections at eight o'clock in the evening. I don't know you that well. Better yet, why not keep smut on the Internet where God intended and where hard core visual aids can be included.


At Sat. Feb. 26, 02:44:00 a.m. 2005, Blogger Eric Grumbles said...

Heh, you could combine your post about animal control and your post about cialis into one fine sentence ........ There oughta be a law ........ Oh wait, I don't believe in that. Okay, change the channel.

At Sat. Feb. 26, 07:39:00 p.m. 2005, Blogger Apesnake said...

Maybe not a law. How about I just ridicule and criticize them until their self esteem suffers. As for the animal "owners" (the term owner carries an assumption of responsibility that theses people have rejected) The laws are there to protect these people from their neighbors who, in the absence of such laws would kick their asses and burn down their homes. Maybe as a libertarian I should not support laws that protect people from getting their asses kicked when they quite obviously deserve it but I guess my view point is too complex to be pinned down by one term. I am a deep and enigmatic figure with all of my clothes in the laundry.

But then you people probably do not need to know that I am blogging while wearing a printer box.

P.S. I wonder if NBC news would be willing to be sponsored by Janet Jackson's breast. Granted there are other breasts I would like to see but hers seems to be the only one making prime time appearances. They could then advertise their peter pills on the Super Bowl.


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