Monday, February 21, 2005

Hunter Gonzo? Bush tapes? What the hell?

Some guy named Hunter S. Thompson killed himself recently. I never read anything he wrote but from the way they are describing his "gonzo journalism" (well written, partially fictitious with little care to things like objective detachment and journalistic integrity) it is no wonder the media is so torn up by his passing. It sounds like he invented modern journalism. If that is true, I would like to go to his funeral with a shovel and deepen the hole a few feet.

Secret Bush tapes have been released that are so pathetic they could not have been less news worthy if they were scripted by the White House. "I used, but am against marijuana." (paraphrase) Oh, scandalous. Here I thought he had already admitted to being a recovering cocaine addict. I guess I got confused because I never dreamed that alcohol alone could leave you in the mental state Bush is in. "I am not going to beat up on homosexuals because I have sinned too." (paraphrased) So his "candid" statement makes him look like he thinks Homosexuality is a sin (nod to Christians) but he will protect them (nod to tolerant people). This stuff is not a leak, it is a campaign gimmick. Bush is too stupid to realize that the election is over and the tricks can stop. Either that or he is trying to get more credibility for his "marriage is our word and you can't use it" amendment. Or maybe it was a leak and the world is to stupid to realize that there is no story here.

CNN was blathering a few minutes ago as to which story was important to blogers. God I hope neither one is.


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