Saturday, February 26, 2005

Mitt Romney's hidden agenda

Mitt Romney has exposed himself. No you perverts not like Janet Jackson. He has exposed his true political agenda.

Romney opposes stem cell research because he feels "creation for the purpose of destruction is wrong." He equates nuclear transfer to the creation of life. He is effectively devaluing something that most Christians consider sacred (at least on the cellular level) and claiming that cloning a few cells by some egg-head scientist is the same as an act of God and can create a soul. By making such insinuations he slanders God and proves himself to be a militant atheist (if somewhat subdued and covert in his militarism).

He also promotes promiscuity: "From day one I've opposed the move for same-sex marriage and its equivalent, civil unions." By removing any incentive for homosexuals to cohabitate he is obviously attempting to increase the number of gay bars and other places where young people can be seduced into adopting the homosexual neurology. He is obviously working to further the radical homosexual agenda.

So when election time in Massachu-whatever comes around all you true Christians (which usually means Baptists but for this appeal includes Mormons and Roman Catholics) remember, Mitt Romney is a militant atheist who supports a radical homosexual agenda. And to add to this he is only halfway forthcoming about these beliefs. Give this sinner the boot and tell him to wear it when he walks out of public life.


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