Thursday, February 10, 2005

Nice to have priorities.

Interesting story on Wired News.
Girl, 11, Locked in Dog Kennel for Days.

"County Attorney Susan Gaertner said she thought the couple's actions deserved more serious charges, but said no felonies fit the facts of the case."

Putting a girl in a cage with a drain to urinate in is a misdemeanor. I bet with oversights like this in the law the Feds and regional lawmakers are working overtime to address these serious issues. Or maybe they are working on this:

Droopy drawers.

After all what could be more offensive then seeing someone's underwear waste band. certainly not child abuse.

In other events, the Roman Catholic church has been working hard to convince Canadian politicians to not support the up coming same sex marriage law. One Bishop informed us that it would cause us to lose social programs like our education system. He didn't bother explaining how that would happen, I guess we are all too stupid to understand theology.

In the mean time, the Catholic Church is also promoting the adoption of laws that would treat clergy who cover up for pedophile priests as sex offenders themselves. They would do jail time and not be allowed near playgrounds or to work with children. Oh wait, they have done nothing of the kind. I guess they are going to get to protecting children after they deal with all those gays.


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