Friday, March 04, 2005

Christians Fight to Discredit God

It all makes sense now. The attacks on the cartoon sponge, the burning desire to stamp the ten commandments onto the forehead of every person who enters a court house (only Christians commit crimes it seems), the weak condemnation of organized sex abuse conspiracies contrasted with a "sky is falling" fear of gay marriage. Christians are stopping at nothing to annoy their fellow citizens and blame it on God; they even have resorted to spiritual spam. The final clue was that religious groups are now gladly making up for declining revenue by becoming pseudo-bureaucrats (no responsibility or effectiveness studies, just the Holy Spirit's dentures firmly clenched on the government teat). Why are they making God look like a knuckle-head?

As usual, I have an answer.

Christians seem to have decided that God has taken too long to end the world because there are too many luke-warm Christians about. He is not going to make with the fire and brimstone as long as earth seems like a relatively Godly place. They have engaged on a campaign to discredit God to the point that no moderate Christian could stomach the scam, leaving only the hardened God fearing crowd in a sea of unbelievers and ripe for rapture.

You may think this unbelievable but is it more believable that Christianity set out to take over the Republican party and got digested by it accidentally? No, they know what they are doing (sort of) and when the end comes, only those with a faith that is strong enough to completely override reason and ethics is the key to the kingdom. Strangely enough, as an atheist, I find myself in the unfamiliar position of wishing them the best in this endeavor. Finally, something both the non religious and the evangelist folk can work together on. Discrediting God for the good of humanity. Lets all come together to make Jehovah/Yahweh/Allah look like he is hopped up on goof-balls.

They are more clever than I gave them credit for (sort of).


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