Thursday, March 31, 2005

News Flash! - U.N. Unable To Do Anything Right. MSM Oblivious

I don't know what is more pathetic:
  • The fact that the U.N. continues to employ the services of the infamous Jean Ziegler who is so tainted with political bias that his last shred of credibility had to be put under an electron microscope (a destructive form of scan BTW)
  • The fact that he is in the position of U.N. Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food at a time when there should be someone of credibility and substance at the helm. (Even with an issue as important as starvation the U.N. can't avoid dreaming up the most pompous job title on the planet.)
  • The fact that the media is reporting on his latest "work" as if he were a genuine "hunger specialist". Even his supporters do not describe him as an expert on anything; referring to him instead as a "distinguished Swiss Author, Professor, Militant and Parliamentarian" and a "relentless intellectual". I can think of no other "compliment" that would go further towards disqualifying someone form doing actual scientifically credible demographic studies which he seems to be claiming to have done. If I can find this stuff out why can the BBC and their ilk try asking a question or two?
His basic claim is that the number of malnourished children has doubled from the 4% pre-war level at which time I am sure Saddam was keeping excellent records of the situation. Is there any doubt that the U.N. rushed this nut-bucket in to do this "report" because they saw that the oil for food scam was starting to see light? I suppose that an organization of people who defend rapists peace-keepers, repressive regimes and enjoys stealing money that is meant to help starving people can be trusted to do a fair and scientific study of the situation.

The final words should go to Ziegler himself.

"The silent daily massacre by hunger is a form of murder," Mr Ziegler said.

It is not negligence by the U.N. and Iraqi children are certainly not victims of a historically repressive regime that eviscerated Iraq's economy over the decades. This is a case of massacre and murder! (present tense) You can not have these without massacring murders but he can just use the rhetoric and let this slack jawed supporters connect the dots (coward). An unbiased intellectual "hunger expert" I am sure.

I just wore out the sarcasm button on my keyboard so I need to stop now.


At Fri. Apr. 01, 03:35:00 p.m. 2005, Blogger Robert said...

Oh Apesnake, I see that you’ve not received the international memo. As it happens, the USA is the embodiment of evil. It’s true that we prefer a second portion to tossing the third world any crumbs (just look at us in profile). But the murder of which you speak is merely target practice for our zealous rough-necks. Crap…there went my sarcasm key.

At Sat. Apr. 02, 07:10:00 p.m. 2005, Blogger Apesnake said...

I got the memo but I didn't read it all. I thought it was a Nigerian scam where you send your bank account information and get rich.

The U.N. seems to stand for unsolicited Nigeria-spam.

If any of this sounds familiar it is because I responded to your post via e-mail first but I feel my (half-) witty comments must be shared with the world.

At Sat. Apr. 02, 11:28:00 p.m. 2005, Blogger Robert said...

Are you saying that the Nigerian get rich quick thing is a scam?

Shit! I wonder if it’s too late to retrieve my funds.

At Mon. Apr. 04, 08:20:00 a.m. 2005, Blogger Apesnake said...

Well... just because no one has gotten rich off it yet is not proof that all these letters are scams.

Maybe if you send them the banking information of your friends and family as well as your own it will have a better chance of success. I will send mine in too, just to help them along.


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