Thursday, March 03, 2005

Trackback and HaloScan are Watching

Acting on a comment on a recent post I have added Trackback (sounds like some sinister government program to track your groceries and profile your psychological state based on how much tinfoil you buy) and HaloScan (a neck embedded bar coding system for those mega churches to keep track of tithing) to the site. At first it seemed to wipe out all the pre-existing comments. It seems that it has not affected the permanent versions of posts so it is a mere inconvenience. If you want to see comments to recent posts you still can by opening the permanent link. Here I am, a newbie blogger and just learning about http "tags" and such and I go and get myself Haloscaned and Trackbacked. My head is spinning. I am going to go lie down.

After being locked out of Haloscan all day so I could not change the settings easily (probably because I gave them a slightly incorrect e-mail address - ~blush~) I was able to manipulate the arcane symbols on the template so that I am using Blogger comments but have Trackback as well. I rock! Let me know if anything does not work.


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