Monday, March 14, 2005

U.N. Sinks Below the Bottom.

Here is one more piece of proof that the United Nations has a crap to cranium ratio that wildly exceeds the safety margins in humans and even the theoretical limit known to medicine. If the U.N. would donate the contents of their bureaucrats' heads to agriculture, the mass of raw, steaming manure could fertilize the Sahara six times over.

If the day ever comes when the U.N. decides to reform itself from an expensive, inefficient and useless pile of crapulence to an expensive, inefficient and borderline useful pile of crapulence, I will personally ride the first flying pig in the sashquatch parade. Why does the U.S. let these sleazoids use their soil? Send them back to Europe where they and the European parliament (that other unaccountable band of lowlife losers) can play and sing and pontificate. Maybe they could invite the Vatican and play hide-and-seek with their last shreds of relevance to the modern world. The hills are alive with the sound of parasites. I did not want to use parasite there but there is no word for someone or something that gleefully betrays and brings shame upon their entire species. Parasite will have to stand in until a word is invented to describe such an entity.


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