Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Employees Don't Need No Freakin' Protection.

Now it is hard to fault Microsoft (Did I just type that?) for not wanting to stir up the hornets nest of busy-body pastors and their zombies especially given that they seem to have been pretty level headed on the "evil" of homosexuality. What I do find interesting about this story in The Seattle Times is how Pastor Hutcherson's actions completely step on his own side's arguments:

"Two Microsoft employees testified in support of the anti-discrimination measure. The pastor, Ken Hutcherson of Antioch Bible Church in Redmond, then met with Brad Smith, the company's chief lawyer, and asked that the two employees be fired and that the company oppose the measure."

So not only is the good pastor against protecting homosexuals from being fired for their sexuality, he also favors firing employees who voice opinions that he does not agree with. (I am sure he would argue that it is the Bible which disagrees with the opinion but since he is making the judgment and taking the action it amounts to the same thing.) Some people are now going to see the pastor's attack on the employees which may or may not be gay as just a little too close to having homosexual's lack of rights spill over into their world. What if a heterosexual takes a public stand or makes a lifestyle choice (becomes a single mother) that some church takes a dislike too. Impressions are vital in politics and Pastor Ken is the political and spiritual equivalent of bad body-odor.

Speaking of which, Justice Sunday raised a stink last week. Bill Frist wanted to attend but the metaphorical B.O. was so strong that even he had to appear via satellite from a room with a separate air supply.

"During the broadcast names and telephone numbers of over a dozen Senators, both Democrat and Republican, who are against changing the filibuster were given out."

Once again the hyper-godly are resorting to spam and grass-roots telemarketing to give the impression of wide spread support. More adrenalin challenged Christians are trying to get the counter message out but they are lacking the fervor and single mindedness of the Hall of Justice heroes.

Back to the topic of employees Jack Layton, the leader of Canada's NDP leader is demanding that the government drop corporate tax breaks from the budget so that the "savings" can immediately be spent on social programs. Now the breaks don't come into effect for three years so how he thinks these savings can be spent is beyond comprehension. Also, since most "corporations" in this country are small and medium businesses who employ almost everyone, except for those public service union buddies of Jack Layton, it is hard to see how threatening to bring down the government over giving the shaft to Canadians is in support of "social justice" but then social justice has always seemed somewhat less than just and rather antisocial.

A Liberal party advisor blathered on about something and then said:

"and we don't believe labour would want to lose those provisions that benefit small business, which is our economy's largest source of job creation"

Why the hell not? Labour (meaning union bosses) has a hard time unionizing small businesses so it is in their interests to have most people employed by large businesses that can use their market shares to out muscle the smaller companies. It is a win for big business, a win for big labour, a win for the NDP who is propped up by political contributions and activism by labour. The last thing anyone in this little gang want is a lot of entrepreneurs coming in and pissing on the picnic.

Oh well. Maybe we can arrange to get Jack Layton and Pastor Ken to go a couple rounds in the
"Justice Sunday II, CAGE MATCH!". I just hope Jack does not wear tights.


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