Monday, April 18, 2005

Good News Time.

Here are some interesting and uplifting articles for the interest of whomever is interested.

Over the years critics of "modern medicine" have pointed out that those know-nothing know-it-alls have not cured cancer yet. While this is true, they over look the fact that survivability rates are up and rising. Here is a development that will likely add significantly to that trend by using anti-bodies to attack tumors.

A new software that was developed using new discoveries in neuroscience is helping children improve their reading skills earlier and may very well be useful for teaching adult literacy students and English as a second language learners.

When Christian theologians came to the conclusion that the ancient Greek and Roman literature could be informative and enriching despite its pagan source it sparked the renaissance. Unfortunately not all of those works of ancient times survived the fall of Rome and the dark ages. A huge cash of such documents was discovered over a century ago but it was almost completely illegible. Never throw anything out! New technology which has made use of infrared cameras and satellite imaging software has brought these texts back to life. While it might be somewhat much to expect, as some experts are doing, a new renaissance, the development will increase the amount of written material from the classical period of Greek and Roman civilization by up to 20 percent, with texts of Hebrew, Egyptian, and Nubian civilizations included. It is hard to say currently what will be learned but the horde of documents include works by some of the greatest poets of the time as well as lesser, more popular works that could help fill in our picture of the ancient world.

And they say there is no such thing as progress.


At Tue. Apr. 19, 08:55:00 p.m. 2005, Blogger Robert said...

Consider this to be my contribution to this discussion. No need to draw any untoward conclusions…though there may be some. What do you want?...I’ve been single for nearly three years. I’m merely taking my healthcare needs into my own hand.

At Thu. Apr. 21, 07:33:00 p.m. 2005, Blogger Apesnake said...

Damn! I have been practicing medicine without a license!

I wonder if I can charge the Canadian Medicare system for this. I may be rich!

The least they could do is to get me a nurse to perform the service. Oh wait, I would be unable to discriminate against male nurses due to employment equity laws. Um... (awkward laugh) never mind.


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