Monday, April 25, 2005

King Abdullah of Jordan is a Prick.

I thought I would just mention this. Hopefully anyone typing "King Abdullah of Jordan" into Google or a blog searcher will at least see this title. There are a lot of people like King Abdullah in this world and there are many who are worse. Why should I pick on King Abdullah?

I was reading this BBC article when I read this bit:

"But it is still against the law to write anything that might harm relations with an Arab or friendly government, and journalists have recently been jailed for doing so.

criticizing the king himself is still completely off-limits. No journalist is locked up for it, because no-one does it."

So since they can not, I will. Why should I waste my freedom to criticize a weak and pathetic man who is too much of a wussy to even be exposed to criticism? If no one disagrees with a person, he is either being patronized the way people treat those whom they feel are mentally deficient, or he is a monster who has used power, wealth and force to removed himself from civilization in which case you he is not competant to rule even a small part of it. Hey, King Abdullah which description applies to you?

So while either description could be given to almost any politician on the planet, only a dwindling few still are such cry babies that they need to have the force of law to protect their feelings. That is why I decided to single out King Abdullah. I can only point the spotlight of my attention in one direction at a time. King Abdullah does not qualify for an Apesnake Atrocious Argument Award because he does not even argue but he does deserve the title of this post. Sure, there are probably other reasons that King Abdullah of Jordan is a prick but why bother? Surely being a pansy-ass is reason enough.


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