Friday, April 29, 2005

Never Neverland

I can not believe I have been reduced to mentioning the Jackson case. I have hated that the media keeps reporting on the details as if they were news. Charges are news. A verdict is news. (Not news which most thinking people care about hey...) Testimony and evidence and character evaluations and pontification are not news. I don't want to hear about who saw the Ghoul of Cool naked with young boys. Traumatize the jury with that imagery not me. Just let me know if the guy is found guilty or not.

I must however, break my silence on this issue in order to make one point.

Even if the defense case is right, even if he is not guilty of any of these charges or anything like them in the past, (two very formidable "if"s I will admit) now that everyone knows that he has picture books of naked boys and given that he has admitted to sharing his bed with kids can we all please come to the agreement that from now on, anyone who lets their kids stay at Neverland Ranch should be flayed alive and hung on the front gates to be pecked apart by crows? I realize that this will involve a constitutional amendment but I think it is something that Americans can finally come together on.

Just say "no" to Neverland!


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