Saturday, April 23, 2005

Things With No Connection.

I have been surfing around and my attention was drawn to some interesting things.

Number one: The whale snake.

I like the whale snake (an early ancestor of whales). There is something about the idea of a mammalian snake that I like. Nothing Freudian in that. Sometimes a whale snake is just a whale snake. Well now they have a complete skeleton. Good for them.

Number two: Killer fungus goes gay (Parent fungi claim it is just a phase). Scientists have found that a type of fungus that can be fatal in people with compromised immune systems can perform same-sex mating. The social conservatives will soon condemn the fungus for playing into the hands of the "radical homosexual agenda".

Number three: Looking at tiny things.

Some Berkeley scientists have come up with a new microscopic technique. It still uses optical light so unlike other forms of tiny peering it can be used on live organisms. It may very well become possible to take pictures showing "the movements of individual proteins traveling along the microtubules that make up a cell's skeleton". Good for them. The new technology will be used to examine Tom DeLay's ethics, John Bolton's emotional stability and Ward Churchill's mind.


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