Saturday, May 07, 2005

Bush Says Atheists Can Be Citizens Again!

No one mentioned this to me but... Hooray!

But then the only change is a few neurons in the president's speech centers.

Bush no longer thinks that you can not be a patriot or a citizen if you are an atheist. Funny how term limits can divorce you from the views of your most extreme supporters. I wonder if the 'church and state' Christians out there will ever catch on to the fact that Bush has taken them for a ride.

Now George steps back a bit towards secularism and when the followers loose confidence in his Bible credibility, they hitch their wagons to a new generation like Frist and Delay. They get imprinted on the new guys like goslings to any moving object in time for the next nomination committee when one of them becomes the 'faith based candidate' for 2008. You almost have to admire the guy.

It's the circle of life.


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