Friday, May 20, 2005

They Violated Saddam's Privacy. Um... So?

I find it amazing that so many people, even people who I would normally consider to be sensible emotionally balanced folk, are hurt and outraged that Saddam was photographed in his grandma undies.

"Oh sure" they will say, "he sucks and everything but no one should be humiliated."

Let us review some items in his biography.

  • Mass murderer - Not just the burst into your home and kill you quickly. He also enjoyed the "round them up put them in prison and make them wait for execution" style mass murder. Oh, and the ever popular "expose them to poison gas so that they die an agonizing painful gasping death with their children in their arms" kind of mass murder.
  • Torture - Both physical and psychological, sometimes both at once. Like when he would force doctors to remove a prisoner's ear so that everyone would know he was an enemy of the state. No woman would marry someone with the ear chopped off and if they would be willing her relatives would never allow it. No employer would hire an enemy of the state. You would not get service at a shop. Your live was effectively over; it was execution by suicide. I first heard of this when a former army officer was interviewed on the news. He made the mistake of complaining aloud in a market that all the best produce was reserved for the Baath party officials. If you can not feel any sympathy for people like this, think about the doctors. For some reason the regime wanted this done as a surgery. (They probably didn't want the people dying before they could be an example in their community) These doctors go in to medicine hoping to help people and are ordered to do this, knowing what this will mean and knowing that if they do not they will either meet the same fate or leave their children without a father. I have a family member who is a doctor. I could not imagine having sympathy for anyone who would give him that choice - certainly not over a candid Calvin Klein ad (he still looked pretty well fed). And in case anyone says that the U.S. uses third countries to do torture for it, I would like to remind you that either torture is wrong or it is not. If we ever see Bush in his undies (shudder) we can talk about him then. This is Saddam's karma we are dealing with. And the fact that the U.S. supported him in the past is irrelevant. They certainly did not ask him to be a sub human monster, that was his choice and if he did not like the subsequent treatment he should have thought twice about accepting Uncle Sam's support in the first place. Frankly the fact that the U.S. propped him up during the cold war, which allowed him to make himself a mythical object of fear is more of an argument for them to kick the supports out from under him when they are done, both literally and metaphorically. If you have to go camping on someone else's land you should at least clean up your trash when you are done.
  • Systematic campaigns of fear, intimidation and cruelty that rivals the most practiced of twentieth century autocrats
  • He let his two sons do all the same things he did plus the added charm that one of them was a serial rapist, in a culture where victims of rape are often blamed for the act. This make the fact that people are complaining about him being shown in his droopy drawers is a violation seem even more incomprehensible.

Maybe I am all turned around on this. It always seems that people have so much sympathy and mercy and compassion for the bullies and thugs of the world and such contempt for the weak the meek and the innocent. Perhaps there is such a limited supply of compassion in the world that if we spared it for those who deserve it it will be spread vanishingly thin. If it is reserved for the elite, those who can capture it by hook or by crook, it would be more evident in our world.

Or maybe the phrase "Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth" is not a teaching but a warning. Down with the meek! The innocent are a subversive threat.

Or maybe humanity just has its priorities stuck some place warm for safe keeping. It might be time to pull them out, wipe them off, and put them to use.

It is just a lingerie shot. Lets not go nuts. (Lets not see them either for God's sake!)


At Mon. May 23, 12:31:00 a.m. 2005, Blogger Eric Grumbles said...

The meek certainly will inherit the earth ....... a plot 6 feet by 3 feet.

What is happening to Saddam is trivial. The people up in arms about it have their ethics wired wrong, to say the least. Not that it means that the religious authoritarians in power right now are somehow good guys, by any means. But opposing them doesn't mean that I will suddenly lose my sense of what is ethical, and what is not.

Funny thing. The left wing that is so adamantly opposed to what has happened in iraq are, by and large, the same folks who felt we needed to stop propping up dictators like Saddam and clean up the messes that supporting them had made. Now that we are doing that, they are against it. Hmmmmmm ........... one begins to suspect that their positions are ones of convenience, not moral belief.

At Mon. May 23, 04:18:00 p.m. 2005, Blogger Apesnake said...


At Fri. Jun. 03, 07:38:00 p.m. 2005, Blogger Stephen Littau said...

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