Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Benny Hinn!

(Not Benny Hill, though he would have loved this guy!)

Benny Hill has been investigated by CTV (a private sector Canadian News network) and some American network and found to be ethically and monetary shady. Not to mention the fact that faith healers have been exposed as frauds repeatedly over the centuries and some faith healers go from jail back to the pulpit with barely a moment to change from stripes to three piece suit. I remember one guy in the late eighties being caught with a transmitter in his ear so he could hear the voice of God/his wife and he is back preaching in a different state (successfully). Yet apparently Benny and the gang have found a new market in Africa but you need to keep an eye on your middlemen or the rubes will get fleeced before you can get your cut.


At Wed Jun 29, 11:52:00 AM 2005, Blogger alice said...

One of my favorite entertainments has been watching televangelists. Every morning, at least twenty years ago I would watch Jimmy Swaggart. He had this sort of round table discussion with four or five distinguished preachers (including his wife) and they would discuss certain passages from the bible. Swaggart never sat down, but instead would pace back and forth with the bible held in a very odd way, expounding on his interpretations.

If anyone tried to give an opinion, especially his wife, he would immediately cut them off and go on with his rant.It was cute though, the way he tried to make it seem like an intelligent discussion.

But what most fascinated me was Swaggart himself. It was like watching a snake. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. My current husband won't put up with my little form of entertainmnet. He says "turn that shit off!"

But I have managed to get a peek at Benny Hinn. He had a guest one day who had a direct word from the almighty, backed up with bible texts, that each viewer was to send $1000. Benny was expressing his amazement that he had never, until it was pointed out to him by the guest, interpreted that text that particular way. Fascinating! Who watches these guys?(besides me)

The sets for these shows look like a brothels. And if there is ever a female present she is usually dressed to look like a madame.

And what's with the Neru jacket?

At Wed Jun 29, 03:00:00 PM 2005, Blogger T. F. Stern said...

This is all too much like "Stranger in a Strange Land", the story of the Man who owned Mars by Robert Heinlein. If you've never had the chance go out and get a copy.

At Wed Jun 29, 04:21:00 PM 2005, Blogger Robert said...

Hinn is perhaps the worst of the worst…and that’s saying a lot!

This guy preys upon (bad pun) the elderly (typically widows with cash), who are the most vulnerable people in society; in that they often live alone and either look forward to or are anxious about death. With respect to his younger devotes, he seems to have inherited the ‘suckers’ that were once the constituents of P.T. Barnum. Oh, and he also enjoys a tax exemption, since he is a “pastor” and does not “profit”…yeah, that’s fair.

At Thu Jun 30, 01:54:00 AM 2005, Blogger Apesnake said...

I switch between watching the TV holy men with a disturbed delight - like you might experience if you found a parasitic worm that could sing "Hello my baby" when no one is looking - to wanting them turned off as quickly as possible. It usually depends on if I feel they are pandering to existing ignorance or spreading more of it.

I loved seeing Swaggart cry on command. It was like one of those desert lizards that squirts blood out of it's eyes to freak out its predators.

I think it was Hinn, though I am not sure, who used to sell prayer cloths which were used by him during services and a free bottle of prayer oil to use if you donated enough. I think the cloths were used to soak up his sweat which makes me wonder what was in the oil. How many prayers do you need to squeeze to get a bottle of prayer oil? Wouldn't it be funny if his competition charged that he was diluting the prayer oil with oil from non Christian prayer coming from third world sweat shops?

My favorite TV preaches are the ones with big complex flow charts and diagrams behind them to decode Bible prophesy. It is like watching a college math course being taught by someone from that Hairy Potter school. There is a particularly round and sweaty one who would pee himself hollow if you told him he was in a room full of secular humanists since they are completely pawns of the devil.

Then there are the ones who have memorized every single verse of the KJV Bible and during every discussion the verses come snapping out with numbers and all like some kind of phone book explosion.

But then if their were no people like this, who would people send their money to? Some secular conman or a Nigerian lawyer to liberate bank accounts? Give it to people claiming to be from God. Then at least you can tell God with a straight face that you tried.


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