Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Chrenkoff and the News From Iraq.

In the last few weeks NBC Nightly News has reported that Iraq had begun a civil war. They got this information from an unnamed government official since the only people reporting out of Iraq these days are Iraqi news organizations. (The Canadian Broadcast Corporation ran a radio story sometime ago saying that it was too dangerous to send reporters to Iraq and that was why they were not covering developments there except for bombings which they can read about on the Internet like the rest of us. I guess it is too dangerous to relate news from Iraqi reporters as well for some reason) Well, NBC must have decided that the civil war was not interesting enough to cover since I have not heard which side is winning or loosing or how the war is going.

But then a few days ago NBC Nightly News did find some interesting news out of Iraq. America, they declared... had lost the war. That's right - Lost! There had been no formal declaration of surrender or word of which nation the survivors fled to. Perhaps the defeat had been total and there were no survivors. I am sure NBC will keep us abreast of these developments. In the mean time, there is another installment of Good news from Iraqthat is really interesting. Since it will no doubt be the last one given America's defeat you should read it all for historical context. Fortunately these good news articles are archived on the internet because for the offline media they never happened and would have been lost to history.

Now that America has lost the war will Bin Laden get to run the oil companies in Texas? Maybe NBC will answer that for me tonight.


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