Friday, June 03, 2005


I had put Jihadpundit in my list of links after reading a few of his posts. To be honest I lost interest after he came down really hard on the "Terri Schivo's Hubby is a murderer" and as a member of the culture of death I guess that might have turned me off him. Anyway, his site is down for the foreseeable future and his web site:

  • Jihadpundit - the Arab street neoconservative

  • redirects to a site called Eurabia Update.

    After reading some of the posts I have decided that I will link to them in this post but I won't yet add them to my links list. The posts which I read are valid criticisms of Islam and the West's tendency to allow more tolerance for its excesses than any religion deserves but there are two things that I don't agree with about the site. One is the opening statement that Europe is entering a darkages because of the growing Islamic influence. This makes no distinction between moderate verses fundamentalist Muslims and ignores the fact that the same factors that have been secularizing European Christians and emptying their churches are having the same effect on second and third generation European Muslims. It also relies on that belief that democracy and Islam are like oil and water which current events in the world are, to say the least, challenging.

    Secondly, the site itself seems to me to have a tone in which the distinction between criticizing terrorists and their fundamentalists supporters on the one hand and criticizing the entire religion in general on the other is lost. While I believe every religion needs criticism (lots of it!), different orders of magnitude are required for different orders magnitude of beliefs. It is unfair to lump someone who is looking for cultural accommodation which you do not see as reasonable in with people who want to kill you and your neighbors by the thousands.

    If I become certain that I have been too harsh I will put them as a permanent link but for now it is the darkages for Eurabia Update.

    Update: Ok the first time I did not read all the articles and so I did not see comments like:

    "Muslims just seem to become more barbaric by the moment. I'm just waiting for the inevitable cannibalism to set in."

    Even given the context of the atrocious crime described below this comment, this kind of crap removes any qualification for a permanent link. It is a shame that someone would go to such length to provide needed criticism and then remove all credibility by surrounding it with this.

    Oh well.


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