Friday, June 10, 2005

Extra Stupidity (Plus - Internet Explorer 6 Can Now See Me!)

I looked a little deeper into the site where I got one of the links for the last post - the one about Williams selling a rape clip to HBO - and I found that it is posted by a site that has no ability to distinguish between violence against fictional and pixelated people and violence against real life people (Free Radical). One of my pet peeves is organizations which put real human life and suffering on par with fictional depictions and who adamantly claim that fictional violence leads to real violence despite the fact that the well performed research, with things like proper sampling methods and sizes and controls, show no connection. I bet you a gillion-jillion dollars that I have played far more violent video games and seen far more gory movies than Bernardo or any other violent offender and I don't have corpses in my freezer. Attacking people like me because people like Bernardo's father raise violent shit-heads, strikes me as somewhat unfair.

But their page on the HBO transaction is worth reading so I will leave it in. Though I wish to go on record as saying that I think Free Radical is a group of anal fascists who want to be mummy to the world because they are scared of it. They make me sick. Cheers!

On a happier note...

My blog should now be viewable on Internet Explorer 6. I had deleted something that IE really needed so I had to restore the template and re-add all the bits and pieces of my blog. If anyone has any trouble viewing it they should e-mail me pronto so I can do some more jiggery-pokery. (Did jiggery-pokery sound violent? I would not want Free Radicals after me.)


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