Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Gay Marriage Vs. High Syphilis Rates.

Here is an interesting bit of info. Countries in Europe which have legalized gay marriage found that their rate of syphilis infections dropped. As with most medical and sociological studies this one will need to be examined and survive any methodological criticism - something that always seems to happen after the study is reported in the news. But if it stands up it might suggest that allowing people to get married to the person of their choice is actually a good thing for society.

Why HIV and gonorrhea do not show similar drops may have to do with the transmissibility rates and unknown social factors. (I know that HIV does not transmit every time an infected person has sex with an uninfected person so it tends to travel faster in populations where those who are promiscuous form networks of semi permanent relations instead of the more casual anonymous cheating.)

What is clear (if the research holds up) is that the official sanction of the state, combined with the legal ramifications of a marriage result in a certain degree of commitment and those who what to be truly committed are provided with a means of telling if their partner is in it for real or just killing time until the next fling comes along. If the prospect of saving money on health and disability costs plus avoiding the loss of productivity when workers are on sick leave is not a reason to reconsider opposition to gay marriage, perhaps the fact that, like AIDS, syphilis among homosexuals leads to syphilis among bisexuals then heterosexuals and promiscuous life style is not needed to come in contact with a promiscuous person. Even if HIV and gonorrhea don't show the same drop, it is reasonable to assume that their are STDs which will. Can people who disapprove of homosexuality really write off their own kids' health just because they may have had one or two unprepared-for encounters? Since these are usually the same people who oppose sex education they probably would have considered preparing for it as premeditation so virtually any fall off the celibacy wagon is going to be unprotected.

It is interesting how attitudes that seem unconnected end up working together to have unexpected consequences. Just as people who are against gay marriage and against sex education are often the same people, the group who oppose stem cell research and who oppose the theory of evolution have an interesting connection.


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