Saturday, June 04, 2005

No Reason for the Season.

I forgot to mention this a couple of weeks ago but the Teachers' Union and the New Brunswick Government were able to avoid both a teachers' strike and the embarrassment of implementing a commitment to teaching logic and reasoning skills, which would have risked bringing up the question of why they were not doing this before. I salute the Province of New Brunswick and its steadfast refusal to provide the fundamental principles of all education to the country's future voters. This bureaucratic buggery; this act of pedagogical treason is at least consistent and consistently stupid behavior is the closest thing to good government that we as taxpayers can expect.

Perhaps I should have included Ronald Munson's book The Way of Words: An Informal Logic as one of my choices of five books that had an effect on me. It is responsible for a lot of my cynicism. When you 'feel' that politicians and preachers, news paper editors, activists and lobbyists etc are full of crap you can dismiss them. When you know exactly how they are full of crap and you notice that they are recycling the same crap over and over because they don't have enough respect for you to think up some new crap to shovel at you, you realize just how much these people hold us in contempt.

Well right back at them.

I think I will try to round up some good sites on informal logic and critical thinking and create a new category in my links column. If the province of New Brunswick refuses to teach the fundamentals of education to our students, maybe some of them will accidentally find this post when searching for "province of New Brunswick" or "New Brunswick education system" or " NB public education sucks" on Google.

Logic is like sex. If your parents will not tell you what you need to know and your teachers won't tell you and your preacher is dead set against it in all its forms, you can always start on the Web. Just be careful who you get it from. (The information not the... What I mean is... Oh, Shut Up!)


At Sat Jun 04, 03:42:00 PM 2005, Blogger Robert said...

Well, that’s an interesting comparison in the final paragraph. Sadly, it seems that indiscriminate sex is far more common than the use of logic these days. I suppose instant physical gratification is superior to intellectual maturity. But I’m rather jaded, as the price of the former was a decade of my life spent in a bad marriage. I’m still working on the latter.

At Wed Jun 08, 05:19:00 PM 2005, Blogger Apesnake said...

"I suppose instant physical gratification is superior to intellectual maturity."

I would say so. In fact I would have spent much less time trying to obtain intellectual maturity if I had gotten more opportunities for instant physical gratification. (Though not too instantaneous - that can make things awkward)


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