Friday, June 10, 2005

The Vortex of Stupidity.

Every once in a while there is an event or a person or a situation that is so objectionable, so offensive that it begins to bend space and time around it. It attracts higher levels of stupidity and insanity towards it and forces reason away. Anyone who is able to retain their senses in one of these maelstroms of mental decay is to be commended though this ability is rare.

I am not talking about the Jackson trial and the creepy M.J. fans from the cuckoo's nest who through rocks at the media for "making" Jackson look guilty, though you could be forgiven for assuming that. I am referring to the Scarborough rapist or more specifically, one of the two people who were the Scarborough rapist; the one who was able to get off with a far lighter sentence than she deserved. Karla Homolka was Paul Bernardo's wife and willing enthusiastic accomplice. She did not do anything to stop the crimes even after her lawfully wedded husband got too rough with her and it occurred to her that playing games with a murdering serial rapist was not a safe thing to be doing. Around this time Bernardo got caught. A full timeline of the madness is available here.

But what is equally repulsive is the pure, distilled stupidity of certain (for lack of a better term) people. It is a seemingly contagious incompetence that has rolled the red carpet out for this demonic duo as they continued to blight humanity with their presence.

  • Bernardo's lawyer Ken Murray, who hid the videos that incriminated both Bernardo and Homolka; the videos which would have made unnecessary the plea bargain that prevented Homolka from receiving the life sentence and dangerous offender status which she deserved, was found not guilty of concealing evidence. What could Justice Patrick Gravely possibly have been thinking? Well, in his own words:
"In my opinion, it does not follow that because concealment of incriminating evidence is forbidden, there is a corresponding positive obligation to disclose," said Gravely.
Remember my rants about logic not being taught in schools?

In other words, when the lawyer went in to the crime scene to the hiding spot he had been directed to by Bernardo and snuck the tapes out, he was not hiding them, he was merely not disclosing them. Americans complain about their judges. Ha! At least their's can understand words like "concealment" and "forbidden". In Canada many of our judges have serious solvent sniffing problems.

When Murray was acquitted he made the following interesting comment:

"I'm just as relieved for everyone involved that it's now over," said Murray. "Now, hopefully, everyone can get on with their lives."
Anybody see the flaw there?

  • Stephen Williams is a man (to use the term in its loosest context) who did everything he could to profit from the carnage and suffering and who would later plead guilty to violating a publication ban by publishing the names of rape victims of Bernardo including those who survived and were trying to get on with their lives. The following is excerpted from the CBC timeline page.
"May 2004: Williams wins a grant from Human Rights Watch, an organization that supports victims of political persecution, to help defer his legal costs. The award places Canada alongside countries such as Myanmar, Peru and Sierra Leone. "
This also puts Human Rights Watch alongside organizations like NAMBLA. And I thought Amnesty International had their heads up their asses.

  • Michel Biron, a Liberal Party Senator who was appointed by former Prime Minister Jean Chretien is doing everything he can to lend his emotional support to Karla (proving that almost every person to come in contact with that former jackass-in-chief becomes a monster - Paul Martin must be taking some kind of antidote on a semi regular basis). He feels that Homolka is being treated too harshly (for a rapist murderer):
"The Senator also expressed concern over the court's usage of a Section 810 clause in Canadian law which is defined as peace bonds used as preventative court orders which require an individual to agree to specific conditions to keep the peace. "These instruments are available to police to protect the public before a criminal offence has been committed", according to the legal definition. Section 810 first appeared in the Canadian Criminal Code in 1892. The Senator maintains that the law is archaic."
So are torture chambers but that did not stop his favorite little death-skank from working in one. I should mention that the purpose of the senate in Canada is to provide a patronage post for members of the party in power who are too old or drunk or stupid to make it in to the actual parliament. If someone close to the ruling party needs to resign in disgrace you will find them appointed to the senate in a few years time. Occasionally the Prime Minister will stick in an ex-hockey player or a leftist poet to make it look like anyone can become a senator. One Senator used to spend most of his time on a Mexican beach for "health reasons". To their credit though many Senators have sobered up and wiped the drool off their chins in order to condemn Senator de Sad; an event which is unprecedented in Canadian history. Watching the Senators wake up is like watching a horror movie where zombies rise from the grave.

The Senator also feels that restrictions on Homolka, which are hoped to keep her from playing her sick little games again with another freak (she is a high risk to re offend) are violations of her civil rights.

"This law is the kind of law used in totalitarian regimes"
Yes, putting restrictions on sex offenders is totalitarian. No wonder Human Rights Watch is pissed with us.

Perhaps the greatest stupidity is the one that seems to have been forgotten by the news archives of the day. But I remember it. It is the fact that after the trial there were Canadians out there who actually claimed that the tapes of these two girls being raped and tortured were something that the public had a right to see. Yes, access to violent child pornography of murder victims is a human right. I am sure they would claim that they had the right to lick the blood off of Bernardo's circular saw too (which was also in evidence, since it was used to dismember one of the victims). I can only hope it is plugged in and running when they exorcise their right. Maybe that could be the next project for Human Rights Watch.

The Province of Ontario had the tapes destroyed (finally someone does something right) when they were not needed for legal purposes any more except for those which Stephen Williams sold to HBO which were out of their power since this was done illegally. No one at HBO has, to my knowledge, ever been charged with purchasing child pornography though they did make a TV show episode out of it so they probably made enough money to pay the lawyers.

No one knows how many girls were raped and how many of them were murdered both before and during the Bernardo/Homolka marriage. One thing is for sure. Lots of people showed their true colours. Lawyers broke laws, cops broke laws (making 8 hours of Bernardo's interrogation inadmissible) , an author broke laws, human rights organizations and journalistic associations fought for the rights of an exploitive peddler of misery to violate the privacy of rape victims. Some of these heinous acts had consequences. Others did not.


At Sat. Jun. 11, 09:30:00 p.m. 2005, Blogger Robert said...

All this time I was under the assumption that Canadians were a mild-mannered lot.

I’m of the (totalitarian?) belief that rapists, pedophiles, murderers and the like are incapable of making any meaningful restitution. That is, in so far as such crimes are committed with malice of forethought, thereby displaying appreciable mental disturbance. Such individuals, in my view, forfeit any and all liberty to live in society.

As for punishment, I favor hard labor instead of execution, as the latter is much too quick, not to mention irrevocable, which sucks for those who are eventually found to be innocent after appeal.

At Sun. Jun. 12, 11:35:00 p.m. 2005, Blogger Apesnake said...

I prefer the idea of feeding them such high fat food that they can not escape their cell if they wanted to (Hard labour is not worth much these days). When some parole board gives them freedom they will be too busy sweating to the oldies to commit any more crimes. If they turn out to be innocent we give them free liposuction and a lifetime supply of high fiber foods and free membership at any gym in the country.

At Tue. Jul. 05, 05:14:00 p.m. 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder what the point of having a justice department (or whatever it's called here) is, doesn't it?

At Thu. Feb. 02, 04:05:00 p.m. 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

here is something else to look at.I met paul and his cop girlfriend on a lob ball team during the summer the scarborough rapist was committing his crimes.He was using her badge to stop women and rape them and I believe with her full knowledge. My wife was up late one at a camp ground in Peterborough with paul and his girlfriend and the rest of us had gone to bed . He leaned over and whispered something to his girlfriend and she just panicked and ran from the scene. The next question from paul to my wife was what would you do if I raped you.She was not raped and I guess the fact that there was 20 guys sleeping in tents within 50 feet of them helped the situation.
I truly beleive that his cop girlfriend helped him and had full knowledge of what he was doing.So lets have a look at another who never paid for her crimes.


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