Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Faith Healers Who Kick it Up a notch.

An evangelical sect which claims faith healing can cure HIV, epilepsy and depression is attempting to gain a foothold in New Zealand.

Now faith healers and quacks (I'm looking at you Tom Cruise!) have been pushing the envelope as of late. Not long after I blogged about Benny Hinn I was watching some Preacher named Peter Popoff (oh man, I wish I had made up that name as a spoof!) giving away "Miracle Spring Water" in small packets which looked suspiciously like those little soy sauce or vinegar packs you get with take away food. In addition to the normal cures that snake oil provides it also causes huge sums of money to mysteriously enter the user's life. I am watching this stuff and wondering why you can do this stuff under the guise of religion when you would get thrown in jail if you tried this in a secular infomercial. Does Vision Television, the Canadian network which retransmits this scam not have to worry about broadcast regulation because they are airing criminals for Christ instead of regular old 'worldly crime'? He did not say if you are supposed to drink it or squirt it in your eye but those who testified on his show were asked if they followed his directions and if they anointed it which I will bet requires a donation after the fact. At the very least you get your name added to a list of people who would request "Miracle Spring Water" by mail. Somehow I would guess people on that list get contacted again. Maybe in regards to an Internet penis.

Anyway back to faith healers ... and Judith healers and Shawna healers.

I think that if these New Zealand fellers can really cure AIDS they should all agree to be injected with the virus by a skeptical neutral party (OH, OH, I'll do it!!) and then see what happens. No taking anti-virals either that is cheating.

I just love that being religious can be used as a 'get out of jail free' card for anything. Are you about to be put out of business for your dubious claims and business practices? Turn into a religion. Can't get one of those pesky medical degrees? Become a Psychic surgeon.

I wonder if I can hold up a liquor store and defend if on religious grounds? If I can I will abandon atheism right now!


At Wed. Jul. 06, 11:50:00 a.m. 2005, Blogger alice said...

Lot's of people are talking about Tom Cruise these days. I haven't gotten to see any of his blow-ups, but the girls at the beauty salon were all a-buzz.

What's great about it is that Scientology is being exposed. and their belief system is being known. I swear they never told me about the aliens.

I bet John Travolta is turning over in his grave.

...or would be.

At Wed. Jul. 06, 04:50:00 p.m. 2005, Blogger Apesnake said...

I wonder if they could get some DNA from L. Ron Hubbard and get the Raelians to clone him. Then that Marshall Applewhite guy and the three of them could do a song and dance act.

Who should get top billing? Rael because he is an original rather than a clone, Hubbard because he was the first of the three to have a religion involving aliens, or Applewhite because it will keep him from castrating himself like the first Applewhite did.


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