Thursday, July 07, 2005

More Violence (Humans Suck)

What is this on going to be called? 7-7? July seventh? From a raw numbers point of view it was pretty pathetic but that is small comfort to the grieving and maimed and scared. It will be small comfort to the innocent Muslims who get beaten up, threatened and harassed by the craniolithic cowards who will use this as an excuse to behave in the way they always wanted to but could never pretend to justify. I remember a friend of mine living in the States near Washington DC after September 11 th telling me about going in to an Arab owned store plastered with the stars and stripes on every wall and seeing the proprietor with a smile that only one who is scared shitless can muster. He remembers how he was thinking that here was some guy who needs to worry every night about himself or a family member getting killed in a robbery now having this new threat of irrational retribution forced on him by a combination of the stupidest of his new countrymen and the stupidest of the people from his homeland who think they are acting on his behalf. No matter where you go, humans suck.

I was recently working on a post about Ireland. It was a much more difficult post than most I have done because my Father is Irish (South - the Republic, though he is protestant) and he was sane enough to get out (not because of the violence but because of the stupidity). When I was a kid I was proud of my Irish background. It is a pride I have long ago come to discard. I take no side in 'the troubles' because anyone who has looked at both sides with any semblance of a rational mind will see that everyone involved is out of their God damned minds. The trouble was that every time I tried to end the post, it started crossing the line into hate speech. I don't want to hate Ireland (north or south Protestant or Catholic) but when you see the IRA and the 'Orange Order of Flamboyantly Gay Senior Citizens' and their effeminate militant pride parade it is hard to see them as worthy of warm thoughts.

Just in case I abandon the post all together, the point of it was that just before September 11th they were particularly pissing me off. The Protestants (Protestant Irish being my immediate ancestors remember; my people) were throwing rocks, bottles and eventually a small bomb at small (grade one and two) Catholic school girls who were being escorted through the mob by their mothers and police. Their crime, you see, was that they were putting their Catholic feet on Protestant sidewalks as they went to school. An act of unmitigated terrorism by the reckonings of the Protestants.

So then September 11th happened and it seemed like everyone but me forgot about that. I thought I would do some unscientific anecdotal research to see if I saw any evidence that Ireland had wised up since September the eleventh. In my opinion it has not. Both sides are acting as if nothing happened. There is no sense that there are people out there now who would blow them both up by the thousands and not give a damn if they were from the north or south or whether their priest was married or not. They still have the murder worshiping murals up and they still allow terrorists to speak for them in negotiations. They still murder each other but they also feud among themselves to kill time now and then. They, my people, have not learned a damn thing.

The only hope for the world is for us to convince both the IRAs (all five of them) and the Loyalist/Unionist/Ulsterists/whatevers to think that Al Qaida is supporting the other side. We could then let the lowest wits of Ireland and its northern UK province and the lowest wits of the Islamic world wipe each other out.

By the way, humans suck.

On a more positive note, scientists are trying to sequence the genome of Neanderthals from fragments of DNA in fossils. Maybe if we can do this for Homo Erectus we can go back to the drawing board and get humans right this time.


At Fri. Jul. 08, 02:04:00 a.m. 2005, Blogger alice said...

I had to get a new tire today, so off I went to be there early enough to be first in line. Alas I was not alone in my strategic planning, so I queued up with four gentlemen outside the door of the tire place.

The man behind me asked me if I had heard the latest about the London bombings. Having just turned off the TV before I left, I informed him of the latest. This guy was at least seventy years old. He said, "What we need to do is find out why they hate us so much."

Being an avid blogger, I was prepared with all sorts of wisdom of how they are uncivilized and need to be shown the western ways of life, liberty and property. But then out of my mouth came "It's because of Isreal", which has also been a theory of mine for a long time. The old guy just smiled and said "You are a very smart lady".

Which in the old days would have given me great pleasure. But today all I thought was "How the hell do I know what is going on here?"

Some people seem so sure. Some people have it all boiled down to one or two causes.

I remember studying history in high school. Every event had a reason because of what occured before that event. It all made sense in a way that made it seem that that was the only thing that could have happened.

We are living through an important and pivotal time. I wonder what the high school (if there are such institutions fifty years from now) books will say about all of this. What will be named as the chief causes? What will the outcome have been? How many chapters will it take to explain it all? And what will the chapter be named?

PS I'm Irish, too (Catholic)

At Fri. Jul. 08, 05:23:00 p.m. 2005, Anonymous Ian Scott said...

Interesting post. Enjoyed it. It so happens I just posted something myself about this - yes, I admit that I left out bits about the Orange Order, and the Protestant extremists.. but hopefully, the point is made anyhow.

I was born in Northern Ireland. I think that growing up, and examing this "pride" of ancestory, blah blah.. was one of the things that lead me to realize that patriotism in all its forms is evil. I also found it interesting the way different factions could twist history to fit their own excuses for violence today. And interestingly enough, propoganda on both sides have their own favorite points of history that they wish to "stop" at. What happened before that "point" is irrelevent, especially if using their same logic, it actually excuses the other side's actions, today.

There are many Protestants AND Roman Catholics on both sides that are sick and tired of it all.

I know, because I'm from there. And I know folks on both sides.

But I also find it ironic that there are many here in North America, that have some romantic view of terrorism in Ireland, and who will come up with any reason to "excuse" it all the while talking about the evils of Muslim extremists terrorism.

Although I was born in the North, into a Protestant family, (but a fairly "reasonable" Protestant family.. for lack of a better description), and one that supported the North remaining part of the U.K., I for one envision a day when Ireland can be united without any religous government crap - a fully free nation, and I am encouraged actually by the way the Republic is going - with less taxation, less regulation based on religion, and perhaps there is potential for a liberal Ireland.

I'm an optimist. But I think if it were to ever happen, Ireland could become an enormous nation, economically, within the arts, and intellectually as well.

I'll stop rambling now.

At Sun. Jul. 10, 11:21:00 p.m. 2005, Blogger Apesnake said...

The economy of Ireland is perhaps the one bright spot and perhaps the increase of money and jobs will keep the next generation to busy to march and blather. Maybe.

It always amazes me how powerful an influence a small fraction of stone-headers can have on the entire society, especially when they are able to intimidate the 'normals' into staying quiet.

It seems like civilization is a hard ship to stear and Ireland has been having to tack against the wind for a long time.

Patriotism is quite a clever scam. You invent an abstract quality, equate it with other qualities like love, loyalty and fraternity, and define it in such a way as to make group cohesion and unity (obedience) more important than thinking for yourself. It is the closest thing to a world religion because no matter what religion you are you can not claim to not be patriotic without making people hate you but you never get asked for your input into how patriotism is defined.

I saw a telejournalism piece about a clown who organized a circus school for Jewish and Arab kids living in Israel. Similar programs like summer camps have been organized in western countries for kids from warring regions like Israel/Palestine and Northern Ireland and Bosnia. It seems that if you get kids out of their environment and give them some perspective when they are impressionable you can fool them into thinking that the enemy is human.

Once secularism sweeps Ireland as it has swept the rest of Europe and the old war lords on both sides who now vie for power start to die, unification will be virtually inevitable. In the mean time the snakes and I will continue to look askance at the news from Ireland.

There seem to be a lot of bloggers with an Irish background. Cyber-blarney perhaps?

At Mon. Jul. 11, 12:27:00 a.m. 2005, Blogger alice said...

"Once secularism sweeps Ireland as it has swept the rest of Europe and the old war lords on both sides who now vie for power start to die, unification will be virtually inevitable"

One warlord isn't going to give up so easily. Pretty soon we'll be back to wearing mantillas and having women banned from the altar.Watch the Catholic Church make two giant steps backwards.;_ylt=ArlrNJpoeKHzec6zVMNha_zkeO0A;_ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCUl

At Mon. Jul. 11, 11:08:00 p.m. 2005, Blogger alice said...

"There seem to be a lot of bloggers with an Irish background."

You must know that the Irish are some of the greatest writers ever.
I once watched a documentary about Irish immigration during the nineteenth century. The tale was told by quoting letters which had been written by people on both sides of the pond. These people were beyond poor and yet their prose was exquisite. I guess the Catholic church can take some credit for that. They didn't eat, but they learned their grammar.

Did you know that at one time there were more Irish living in the US than in Ireland?


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