Tuesday, August 23, 2005

No Fair!

I call foul! Not fair! Out of bounds! Hard cheese! Can't tag the butcher!

I just get done making fun of Pat Robertson and he waits until I am off line, then he goes and says something stupid so I can't blog about it until everyone else has. He did it on purpose I tell you. Bad form.

At least he gives me the opportunity to laugh at
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. You see Pat thinks that since Hugo is so convinced that the U.S. wants to assassinate him, (you take out one insane fool who is in control of oil and now every insane fool who is in control of oil is having delusions of persecution, not to mention delusions of grandeur - sheesh!) the U.S. should just do it and get it over with. He feels it would be cheaper than a war between Venezuela and America, which he seems to believe will be inevitable. Why does Pat believe that America will inevitably invade Venezuela? Why, because Hugo told him they would and Pat seems to think Hugo is a credible source (Pat needs to wear a mask when he mixes up that diet shake powder).

Now as hard as Hugo is trying to become Fidel Castro's new cabana boy by championing the doctrine of Che and El Presidente's worker's paradise to anyone who will listen, it might be seen as just a touch insane for a man who makes his living off of his public image as Pat does to call for the assassination of a leader who, while lacking any democratic tendencies, is filling an elected mandate. Granted Pat's public image is only important among his fans and customers and since they are... well, Pat Robertson fans, it might be a calculated risk. But surely, even many of Pat's overweight, aging, vitamin-gobbling religious shut-ins must have a threshold where they can't believe everything he says. Right? Right?

Ok - For Justice Sunday III - Judicial Armageddon I foresee Hugo Chavez and Pat "The Doctor" Robertson in a ladder match.


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