Thursday, August 18, 2005

Persona Non Grata (Ratzinger Loves Latin)

If Pope Benedict the 1*10^84th is going to invoke diplomatic immunity to avoid civil liability for conspiring to aid and abet the commission of heinous criminal acts, should he not be immediately declared persona non grata? Since diplomats and dignitaries are expected to obey the laws of the nations they work in or visit but they are not subject to liability under the principle of diplomatic immunity, the only resort a nation has is to declare those who do not obey their laws as persona non grata. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty but since His Hokiness is preventing himself from being subjected to the forum which is designed to evaluate such proof, he seems to be abusing the principle of diplomatic immunity and must be barred from travel in the United States. (BTW, if it were not for the presumption that this diplomatic immunity applies to Papa' would the prosecutors in the appropriate jurisdictions not be expected to at least investigate his role as a co-conspirator?)

Just a thought. I mean if you can't keep someone out of the country for running interference for child molesters then what other low-life types are you going to have to let in?

Rev. Sun Myung Moon Posted by Picasa
"Lord of the Second Advent, the Messiah, the Savior and True Parent of Humanity"

P.S. (The above picture is included only for decoration and has nothing to do with the last sentence of this post. He he he.)


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