Thursday, August 18, 2005

You Want Me to Put What, Where?

The more Prince Charles speaks out about issues that concern him, the more I worry about his mind. Not that I care much about him but he is in a position to spread a lot of insanity if he really lets loose with a Martian invasion theory or something.

All I am going to say about
this blog post is that if, Zeus forbid, I ever get cancer and someone tells me to get coffee pumped into my back porch, I am going to kick his or her ass and if I only have six months to live I am going to spend three of them kicking that person's ass. (Man that would almost make it worth having the cancer.) I mean the waste of coffee alone should justify taking revenge on behalf of Juan Valdez.

Buonas díaz!


At Thu. Aug. 18, 03:55:00 p.m. 2005, Blogger Robert said...

…if, Zeus forbid, I ever get cancer and someone tells me to get coffee pumped into my back porch…

It suddenly makes sense! No wonder Americans are seen as stupid; they actually drink the stuff. How embarrassing!

At Thu. Aug. 18, 10:31:00 p.m. 2005, Blogger Apesnake said...

You think that is bad? I've been smoking the stuff! Boy is my face red. And blue. And I seem to be covered in lightning and flames most of the time.

Doctor Penfield, I can smell burnt toast!

(To understand that last reference you need to either be a Canadian or go to this site. It should not be funny but since all Canadians have seen all of these "Historica Minutes", formerly "Heritage Moments" about one million times we have to either have a laugh or risk smelling burnt toast ourselves. Every Canadian on the planet knows what the burnt toast reference means. It unites us as a nation.)

At Fri. Aug. 19, 12:23:00 a.m. 2005, Blogger Robert said...

After watching the video clip, I can only conclude that: (a) it’s quite esoteric (b) I’m rather dense (c) both. A further explanation would be appreciated.

At Fri. Aug. 19, 01:39:00 p.m. 2005, Blogger Apesnake said...

Maybe you need to watch it several times a day for several years. That is haw we have been seeing it.

The woman was having epileptic seizures which were preceded by a sensation of burning toast. Dr. Penfield opened here brain box and poked around with an electric probe and she would tell him what she experienced. When she smelled burnt toast they knew they had the part of the brain where the seizers were originating from and he could start hacking away with his scalpel (they never show that part unfortunately).

Basically, if you feel that something is causing your neo-cortex to malfunction (for instance if you accidentally touch a live wire to your forehead or if you have been smoking coffee beans or if you go into a club with an annoying strobe light you can say "Doctor Penfield I smell burnt toast" and people will laugh. There is nothing like neurosurgery to get a chuckle.


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