Saturday, September 03, 2005

Am I Defending Bush or Not?

I noticed that the Sandmonkey has been keeping track of some of the stupidity that gets dredged up by disasters like so much gulf coast bottom-feeding goo. He has observed some of the recent theories of the reasons for Katrina and offers his own (tongue-in-cheek) theory which is probably going to catch on.

Pat Robertson has yet to theorize about God lifting his magic shield that protects America. I wonder why he is being so... unPat like. Hummm.

The media has decided that the fact that there are National Guardsmen in Iraq is why it took so long to get help to New Orleans. James S. Robbins examines that claim (Tip of the hat to Powerline). But then just because a theory is demonstrably false is no reason to stop reporting it as if it were credible. Just as the media still believes that journalists are being systematically targeted in Iraq (despite the fact that they never go there and have never offered any proof of this allegation) so the "truth" will always be that there were no National Guard personnel on American soil when Katrina hit. So I would be on Bush's side on this right?

Not Quite. It seems that FEMAs list of charities which they are encouraging people to donate to includes only two secular groups, the Red Cross (it kind of looks Christian so that's ok) and Chicago-based America's Second Harvest (it sounds like something from revelations so no one will know it is one of those evil non faith-based groups). This not only preserves the illusion that only religions have enough compassion to do this kind of charitable work but helps steer as much of the donations toward faith based organizations so that they will be able to be out in front of the long term aid efforts. It might just help if his faith-based social spending policy is ever put to an objective evaluation for effectiveness. He can point to the fact that religious organizations spent more money on the relief effort than any secular groups.

Oh, and guess who did make the FEMA list. Go on guess. Ok I will tell you.
(Drum roll please......................................................................)

Pat Robertson.

It kind of makes sense in a stab-yourself-in-the-eye kind of way. Old people are dying of hunger so the government is encouraging people to give money to a preacher (if that is what they call people who believe in invisible force-fields these days) who makes weight loss drinks which defy aging.

I think I will send my cash to someone other than Pat. Just to be safe.


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