Monday, September 12, 2005

It's the JOOOOOOOOOOZE! (And the Freemasons.)

The Jews and the Freemasons (possibly with the help of the Men-In-Black and their cyborg friends at the RAND corporation) have Tony Blair in their power and have been using him to unjustly overthrow a harmless totalitarian mass murder in Iraq in a sinister attempt to take over the world. That is according to one of the Prime Minister's own advisors.
A Government spokesman confirmed last night that ministers and officials consulted Mr Thomson on issues concerning Muslims but refused to be drawn on his views. "We talk to a lot of people, including many whose views we do not necessarily agree with," she said.
And people wonder why politicians don't consult with the public more often. Maybe they should consider listening to fewer people. The rest of this article is too pure and good to spoil so I recommend that you read the article about Prime Ministerial Advisor, Ahmad Thomson's views for yourself. Certainly anti-Jewish racism is not common among Muslims communities is it?

"Holocaust Day must be scrapped, say Muslim leaders" Apparently it is too exclusive so it is offensive to Muslims (and Nazis - no one ever thinks about how the Nazis feel [sniff]).

And just when you thought the world is too weird to get any weirder, someone's religion comes riding in to dispel that thought. The Jehovah's Witnesses are taking court action to try to stop people from reading content from old issues of The Watchtower handout.


Those pamphlets that they have been shoving through every mail slot, under every door and into the hands of every bleary-eyed Saturday morning heathen in the universe are now kind of embarrassing to them. And yet they keep on distributing new ones. Maybe they could hire the JOOOZE and the Freemasons to round up all their old tracts while they are doing maintenance work on the Big Brother infrastructure in all our homes. They should really put a "best before" stamp on all future info.


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