Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Ophelia - Blame Bush

UPDATE: Hurricane Ophelia did little damage to New England (thus getting Bush out of the conundrum described below) and is currently dumping most of its rain on the Maritimes. This is seen as proof that George Bush is using evil supernatural forces to control the weather. As someone who lives in the Maritimes I would like to tell Beelzebub Bush to knock it off. Our weather is damp enough without your machinations.

I would like to suggest to the left-wing that they wait until the winds of hurricane Ophelia drop below hurricane levels before blaming Bush for his slow response. I mean this is a no loose situation for them if they don't jump the starter's pistol. If Bush is quick getting aid to North Carolina it will be seen as proof that he cares more about whites on beach fronts than blacks in New Orleans and if he is too slow it will be said that he has learned nothing from Hurricane Katrina about disaster relief. What does it say about him that he can be consistently outwitted by the media, given the state of today's media? It is like watching a cat with its head stuck in a paper bag trying to back out of it by walking backwards. Sad but funny. I would like to think that the media is not hoping for a huge death-toll to blame on Bush. Even if I am not delusional in that hope, I am certain that if so much as one person dies there will be a rush to think up ways of implying that his Iraq policy is to blame without actually saying it. Like by finding someone who will say it and interviewing them at length - that usually works.

Maybe the media is a Biblical style plague that is being set on Bush by God to punish him for cozying up to the hard-line God botherers and using the Lord's name in lame (that's like using His name in vain only in a more obvious and self-serving manner). Hey if anti-abortion people can believe that Katrina looked like a giant storm fetus I can have my theory.

Teach the controversy!


At Sat. Sep. 17, 10:35:00 p.m. 2005, Blogger Cathy said...

very tempting. there has to be a way to figure out how to settle the blame.

At Mon. Sep. 19, 10:36:00 a.m. 2005, Blogger Apesnake said...

Flipping a coin often helps.

My problem is that I hate Bush's take on so many issues but then I agree with him on a few others. It always seems that the things I want to box his ears over are things most people could not care less about while the things I think he is on the right track on are the issues that everyone else wants to lynch him over.

Maybe the weather is being made more chaotic by the opposing fronts of hot air coming from the holiness industry on the right and the big-media twerps who make up the ruins of the left-wing. That way everyone is to blame.

Except for me of course. I am perfect. No, really I am. My mom thinks I'm cool.(?)


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