Friday, September 23, 2005

The Pope is One Daft Old Man.

Pope Benedict XVI (aka Joseph Alois Ratzinger, aka Father Whitewash) is taking pedophilia and child molestation seriously now. He is blaming all the homosexual priests. Funny, I would have blamed the pedophilic, child-molesting priests myself or at least the bishops, priests and cardinals who helped them cover up their crimes but I guess that might hit a bit close to home for the good vicar of Christ. (Hey Ratzinger. How is Cardinal Law doing these days? Is he still kissing your ass for giving him that cushy Vatican appointment which got him out of Boston before the consequences of his complicity caught up with him?) I guess a scapegoat is as good as a perpetrator and since you can't blame the Jews for everything these days (unless you live in the Middle East) you need someone to blame. Not enough people know what you are talking about when you criticize the "dictatorship of relativism" so "rooting out the queers" makes for a much better distraction. Plus, it will allow him to conduct an inquisition - old habits die hard:

"An inspection of the 229 Catholic seminaries in the US is due to begin this month.

The review, known as an Apostolic Visitation, will examine whether there is "evidence of homosexuality" within the seminary."

Any evidence of pedophilia will, of course, be ignored until the papal statute of limitations on such crimes runs out or longer in nations which do not abide by the papal statute of limitations.

An "Apostolic Visitation" eh? Sounds like something we should call the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal about. Is the Pope going to be at all 229 seminaries at once like those saints of yesteryear?

BTW: Maybe the church could spend some of the time it was going to use to root out homosexuals and use it to issue an immediate request that all nations make sexual abuse - even by clergy - a crime with no statue of limitations and perhaps more importantly, to make non-disclosure of such crimes and assistance in covering up such crimes itself a sex crime - again, even when committed by clergy. They still have not gotten around to that. In fact, they find the report on the Philadelphia sex abuse conspiracy to be "a vile, mean-spirited diatribe". [sniff.]


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