Monday, October 31, 2005

Compare and Contrast the Following.

I can not believe I am having to post about Scientology and Kabbalah again. (Sigh)

In this article there are two interesting paragraphs. Compare and contrast them.

Interesting paragraph number 1:

But in an interview in America she (Madonna) said it is "very strange that it's so disturbing to people", adding: "It's not hurting anybody." Madonna, 47, likened herself to Tom Cruise, whose devotion to Scientology has similarly alienated fans and drawn negative press. "If it makes Tom Cruise happy, I don't care if he prays to turtles. And I don't think anybody else should," she said. (emphasis mine)

I don't think anybody else should pray to turtles either but now that a celebrity has mentioned it there will be a booming trade in pet-store turtles (some carry salmonella so be careful people).

Interesting paragraph number 2:

Shaul Youdkevitch and a number of rabbis running the Israel Kabbalah Centre are accused of persuading Leah Zonis (a terminally ill cancer patient) and her husband Boris to make what they called a "significant and painful donation" if she wanted to recover, and sold her bottles of "holy water" under the Kabbalah label at inflated prices.
I think Madonna and Tom should get together and discuss their beliefs and ask themselves what the response would be from their respective communities if either decided to jump ship. "She dismissed claims the religion is a cult and suggested people should be more tolerant." In response I think someone should ask her how tolerant she thinks Scientology is to competing beliefs. She "believes people are negative about both belief systems because they have so little understanding." This is, of course, incorrect. People were ambivalent about both belief systems when they had little understanding. People are negative about both belief systems now because they have discovered much about them in recent months. It is a shame that Madonna does not bother to look into the criticisms of ex-members and educated skeptics before she blows the criticisms off as due to ignorance.

Maybe they could work out a merger.


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