Monday, October 03, 2005

Minutemen. Just Five Minutes!

The Minutemen have arrived to keep the Canadian terrorists and pot out of America. I am actually in favor of this and not just because I don't want to see our valuable natural resources like pot being sent south. By giving these people something to do which takes them into the wilderness (especially in the west because that is where the rattle snakes and grizzly bears hang out) they will be distracted from American society which really does not need these people paying attention to what it is really up to. If America could get them to patrol the empty stretches of shorelines (the rocky bits where there are no houses or beaches and the seaweed on the rocks makes things slippery) it would be all the better. Better still - convince them to row out to sea to pick up where the Coast Guard is unable to be 24-7.

An even more delicious result is that the left-wing wackosaurs that roam the BC coast are all up in arms (metaphorically and ironically speaking) and anything that keeps them busy takes them away from their usual job of destroying the economy of that province so that they will have more poor people who's rights they can be paid to fight for.

The nut jobs of this continent need to be kept busy so they don't get ideas. Why not keep them busy watching each other? Unfortunately the Minutemen seem to be having some trouble getting up and running.

Thirty observation posts were to be operating along the border in Washington state but only one was set up.

And it was deserted.

Come on you nut bars. Don't be shy. Your country needs you to go to Washington state, into the Rocky Mountains and out to sea right now! God Bless them, everyone.

PS. Someone told them about the winters up at this latitude once you start getting east of British Columbia right? The Mexican board gets cool at night so I am sure they will be able to adapt.


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