Monday, October 17, 2005

Name That Tune.

It used to be that politicians would tell nothing but lies and then get embarrassed when they were caught in the act. Now they have realized that they can say anything they like and if someone challenges them on it they just need to stick their fingers in their ears and say "LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA - I can't hear you!" Even if they loose the respect of a few rational people, they have gutted reason and logic from public education so most people won't notice what they are really doing.

If you want to say that violent video games cause neurological damage and that pornography releases "eroto-toxins" or that creation science and Noah's flood researchers are converting more and more scientists to their view every day, no one can call you a liar because "LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!"

So then why stop at lying. Gerrymandering used to be considered wrong but now-a-days it is just part of the game. Why would a political party in power not do this? Note that the link is an example of Republican gerrymandering but I will eat my own gall bladder if there are not plenty of Democratic examples too. (I happened on to this topic via an article on Wired News fyi.) When it gets pointed out how blatantly unfair gerrymandering is, what intelligent retort puts you in the clear? "LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!"

So then it should come as no surprise that when someone like Kevin Trudeau appears on the "literary" scene, he would adopt this tactic. This is a man who has no medical training, has plead guilty to credit card fraud, has been bared from selling products on TV (other than protected speech like his new book) due to a settlement with the Federal Trade commission (I think that was over his coral powder pills and the claims he was making about them) and who looks young and dynamic on a book cover. He feels qualified (and 4 million members of the book buying public seem to agree with this assessment) to call all of medicine a fraud. That's right boys and girls, modern medicine = fraud.

You know all those young people in cities and towns across the planet who you thought were going to med school to help people and care for sick, suffering and injured people in their communities? Well, somewhere along the line (probably at the university level, that's where all the corruption starts) they were informed that all of the so called knowledge they were learning was all just bunk and that they could get very rich by taking individuals and health plans for a ride. You know what's funny? Not one of those formerly compassionate young people said "NO! I am not going to take people's money for stuff that does not work, especially when it might distract them from the actually helpful therapies like trampoline and magnets." Instead, they all join right in on the fraud. What was that charge which you plead guilty to Kevin?

Kevin: "LA LA LA LA LA LA!"

Hypothetical voice of reason: "Hey Kevin, anyone with even a couple of first year biology or chemistry courses under their belt can see that your claim that the body's pH level causes and cures cancer is asinine. Does that mean that, in addition to modern medicine, biochemistry is a fraud too?"

Kevin: "LA LA LA LA LA LA! I've sold 4 million books! LA LA LA LA LA! I'm a bestselling author! LA LA LA LA LA LA! Everyone who criticizes me is a fraud! LA LA LA LA LA!"

Hypothetical voice of reason: "Doctors say that some of your advice can kill people."

Kevin: "LA LA LA LA LA LA! Who ya gonna believe, some ugly old chemistry type Doctor Fraud guy or smiling dynamic Mr. Natural? "LA LA LA LA LA LA!"

Hypothetical voice of reason: "You say that wearing white is good for staying healthy but you wear black suits. What gives?"

Kevin: "LA LA LA LA LA LA!
I would imagine that this guy justifies this the way all con men do, by seeing his victims as less intelligent than him and thus deserving of what they get. He may even see the fact that if the cures don't kill you, taking his advise to avoid all orthodox (i.e. modern, science-based, tried and tested) medical treatment for yourself and your offspring just might, as being justifiable on Darwinian terms. If people die because they believe a known con artist over the entire medical profession then their genes should be removed from the population. If he does not think this way then others certainly might but as with all eugenics daydreams, it ignores the inconvenient truth that most people are buying in to his ploy, not because they are intrinsically (genetically) less intelligent but because their politicians have allowed them only a poor substitute for an education. What do the politicians have to say for themselves?

"LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA! We can't hear you!"


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