Sunday, October 09, 2005

Smurfs Star in Anti-American Propaganda

So it seems that Europe and the UN have been looking something despicable to work on and since the only UN agency that has not thrown it's credibility away by running interference for oligarchs and human rights abusers is UNICEF, it makes sense that they would get involved.

Now we all know
smurfs are evil. Just look at those little white klan hoods. But the evil need to get their side out too. So they combined with the anti-war crowd under the veneer of UNICEF to portray a smurf village being bombed from the air. Now the overt message was that children should not be affected by war and to their credit, Belgian TV aired it on an adult channel after 9:00 pm. Some few children did accidentally see it and responded by "wailing in terror" but a few traumatized kids is a small price to pay to get your message out right? A nice unobjectionable message that war harms kids. Who could object right?

Well with the smurfs, as with the UN nothing is ever quite as it seems. The "war" that the smurfs (supposedly civilians) are subjected to is an aerial bombardment. Since the only nation that has been recently and conspicuously using an air force is the United States, it is hard to notice that another message is being sent. Most wars that are causing real damage to children on the planet are small scale intra-state civil conflicts or guerilla wars. Yet the smurfs were attacked not by the paramilitary government backed religious police like in Iran or the tribal guerrillas like in the Congo jungle or by Marxist Nepalese rebels with machine guns. They were not blown up by al-Qaida funded car bombers and they did not watch their parents dragged off in the night by Baathist thugs or gassed by Saddam's forces. The Belgians are claiming that the smurfs were bombed by the U.S.A.

Lets assume that George Bush is Gargamel and this attack did happen (Blair would be
Azrael?). The still picture which accompanies the article makes it look like the animation is depicting a carpet bombing of an innocent village. Am I the only one who remembers that the U.S. has smart weapons and has even retrofitted old fashioned bombs to function as precision guided weapons? If these mushroom houses were targeted there is no doubt that they were believed to be of military importance. Why is it that as soon as the smurfs move in to an area, the Care-Bears start disappearing?

Stop the smurfs and their evil propaganda!


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