Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Wages of Sin Are Death - No Second Chances

As vaccines are developed for the human pappilomavirus which can cause cervical cancer in women and can not be prevented via condom use, you would think that this would be free of controversy right. Not if you work in the religion industry (that would be a government run sector now, since Christianity has been nationalized by the Republican party).

Some people would rather force women who decide to engage in extramarital sex (or who are raped or who marry someone who cheated) to risk dying of cervical cancer than allow people to protect themselves as they see fit. These people feel they have morals and the rest of the world does not! What a joke.

Since there are people in America today who claim that the separation of church and state is "a myth" and that freedom of religion does not include freedom from religion, I would suggest that it is high time to push for a clarification in the form of a constitutional amendment (I know I am a Canadian but I can at least run the idea up the flag pole for you.) Ask your politicians for an amendment that acknowledges the fundamental need for a separation of church and state in words so clear that even the a televangelist can understand and include language which states that religious faith is not a requirement for equal treatment under the law or equal rights of citizenship.

It will never pass or even be taken up as a cause but the reaction it gets from the federal department of the divine will make for some memorable quotes. Or you could just ask that religion be privatized again. It is sort of the same thing but as with all things in life, one way is easy and one requires lawyers.


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