Friday, November 11, 2005

Credit Where Credit is Due.

It may not come as a surprise to people who have read my inane ramblings on this blog that I am able to admit to often being critical of the words and deeds of organized religions. Given that I do level so much criticism, I should also point out a couple of instances when people in the spiritual industry got something right (though I enjoy criticism much more so don't get used to it).

I had mentioned how some Islamic clergy in France were actively condemning the riots and offering the qualifications that others were. They were even encouraging the youth of their community to condemn the riots to their peers. Well done. (Yeah, I recycled this one from an earlier post but "a couple of instances" requires two.

In the UK there are Christian groups who are opposing the new religious hate law, not because they want to retain the right to express hatred to other religions but because it would make ridicule of religions or religious organizations a crime. They recognize the importance of freedom of expression and that the right to find a belief or behavior ridiculous or offensive is as important as the right to hold the belief. Criticizing a belief does not in itself incite hate towards those who hold the belief.

Now that should let me criticize religion without feeling biased for a while.


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