Monday, November 21, 2005

Homeopathy is Validated by... Homeopathologists

Stop the presses! A new study has provided that homeopathy works. Homeopathy is the "alternative" to closed minded science based medicine whereby patients are exposed to a substance which is supposed to cause symptoms similar to the symptoms the patient actually has. Supposedly, the extra provocation will kick-start the body to take the real illness seriously. I guess that pain caused by gall-stones could be treated by another chemical which causes abdominal pain like rat-poison.

Just in case you are worried that the cure will be worse than the illness, be at peace. The mixture in homeopathic remedies has been diluted so many times that there is not a drop of the original material left in it. It all works via the ability of water to retain a memory of what it was in contact with (I am thinking of the moisture steaming off a pile of T-Rex dung and hoping that that is not true as I glance askance at my cup of green tea).

Scientist, however, tend to actually test these sorts of claims even though they are always being criticized for ignoring the claims completely. A study of the journal The Lancet found no effect from homeopathic remedies. Unfortunately, The scientific methodology of The Lancet is rather suspect in certain circles these days, so the objective and completely disinterested Bristol Homeopathic Hospital decided that a more rigorous study was needed. This article describes the conditions that the homeopathic treatments were successful in treat as being chronic conditions "ranging from eczema to arthritis" both of which have been linked to various degrees to auto-immune activity and the immune system is very closely linked to the brain. I am sure though, that the placebo effect has nothing to do with it.

I especially like the way they determined whether the treatment was a success. After months or years of treatment for these chronic conditions, the homeopathologist leans over toward the patient and asks if they think they feel somewhat better since starting the treatment. I find it amazing that 30% of their patients had the courage to say no to their faces'.

I think that I will go see if my water-heater remembers the Alamo.


At Tue Nov 22, 01:09:00 AM 2005, Blogger Ron said...

I'm convinced! Homeopaths have successfully shown that they can make 70% of their patients say that their treatment has been in some way beneficial.

I'm looking forward to future research in this area. Just imagine all the other things homeopaths might be able to make their patients say. Perhaps homeopaths will even learn ways to be so convincing that the other 30% will be fooled as well.

At Tue Nov 22, 01:45:00 AM 2005, Blogger Apesnake said...

Maybe they need more glower-power.


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