Thursday, November 10, 2005

I'm Not Gay But...

I want to kiss Pat Robertson on the mouth. A good long one like when Bugs Bunny plants one on the construction worker who is trying to plug up his rabbit hole (no hole plugging jokes please).

Pat Robertson told the voters of Dover that if natural disasters (like locusts and boils and the death of every first born son) start afflicting Dover - and he is not saying that they will but if so much as an electrical transformer blows he will be seen as a prophet - that they should not turn to God.

"What!" you say? A Christian preacher (and diet drink salesman) telling people not to turn to God if things get tough? What could be the reason?

Pat Robertson feels that the people of Dover have voted God out of their town. He just is not there anymore. I never new it was so easy. They don't need to get a restraining order or anything. God just has a look at the paper, sees that people have elected the wrong people to their school board, finishes his coffee and heads on south to Jackson, Pennsylvania - never to return.

What about the people who voted for the outgoing creationist school board members? (And they are outgoing in every sense.) Is he sending and bus or something? Can they still turn to God when the stars fall from the sky?

Pat, you are priceless. Don't ever change.


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