Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Nation of Islam Brouhaha

The story is pretty simple:

A group of black men in suits and ties (including bow ties which are only worn these days by Louis Farrakhan and certain mathematicians) enter a liquor store and smash the booze, telling the owner to stop poisoning black youth.

The media makes the connection between anti-alcohol and Islam and then puts the bow-ties in and suspects that the criminals were connected in some way to the Nation of Islam. The NOI holds a press conference in which they express great anger at being racially and religiously profiled.

The NOI is a group that defies description on the if-you-can't-say-something-nice principle. Having been out of the spotlight for awhile, they might have taken the opportunity to blow some of the odor of craziness off of themselves if they had spent a little less of their time condemning the media and a little more time condemning the act against the store owner or the idea of forcing your religious belief on others through vandalism and intimidation. Instead they seem to have decided to make it all about them.


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