Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Poor Scapegoats.

What is interesting about this case is not that there are parents out there who will believe anything even if it kills their kid and even then they will not see anything wrong with their thinking. It is not that a government agency filled with people who genuinely want to protect children can fail so miserably. What is interesting is that defense attorneys can become so desperate to deflect the blame that they will grasp at anything.

"Rubin (lawyer for the defense) also argued that the Andressohns were scapegoats of Florida's beleaguered Child Protective Services, whose case workers had visited the family's Homestead home less than a week before Woyah's death."

The parents were scapegoats. Because the government was not able to stop them from malnourishing their child due to the stupid belief system that they, no doubt, continue to hold. I imagine that Rubin or someone like him was railing against government intervention when the Child Protection Services were trying to make sure the kids got proper nutrition and now we are to believe that it is the Child Protection Services that are to blame for not intervening. It is because of the fact that certain humans are too stupid to even feed their kids something other than wheat grass that the world "needs" so much government waste.

And still schools do not teach reasoning skills to students. By not providing an education in the education system, you can insure a need for a Child Protection Service that is 12 times bigger than it would need to be (and a prison system, a justice system, civil law system that are similarly inflated). Then of course, you can fund it to the point of only 10 times what it should need to be so that it would be heartless to make cuts to an already beleaguered system.

I am not saying that keeping a most of the population in a state in which they can not evaluate claims and beliefs rationally is done with the intent of providing job security to government departments. That would require the kind of forethought that our leaders are incapable of. They merely want to keep the population susceptible to political adverts. It is just that the scam has unintended consequences that are good for big government and bad for little kids.


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