Thursday, November 03, 2005


After the seventh night of riots in Paris' North African community, it might be helpful for me to point out a thing or two. Now as much as I hate coming to the defense of the French government what with them doing everything in their power to bring the economy of Europe to a screeching halt, I have to stick up for them on this. Apparently a couple of boys of North African decent got electrocuted while climbing around in an electrical substation. The riots reflect a difference of opinion as to why they were in there.
"Local people insist they were fleeing from police and scrambled in to hide. Police say they were not chasing the boys."
Listen up local people. Fleeing from the police is a crime in most countries and I doubt that France is an exception. Even if resisting arrest is not a crime in France, choosing to hide in an electrical substation is just stupid. Aren't substations surrounded by chain-link fences? Since when is chain-link fencing something to hide behind? Are the signs depicting people getting electrocuted somehow misleading? You role the dice you takes yur chances.

What is the great injustice in this case? That France was careless enough to leave an electrical infrastructure lying around the country for people to kill themselves on? What needs to happen is this. The North African community needs to put parental curfews on their kids this very night (or next night - I can never figure this "round planet thing out) and let the police send the message to the rest that electrification is in France to stay so everyone needs to get used to it. If that message is poorly received, open fire. When are people on this planet going to learn that rioting is not a safe and respectable pastime? Burning cars and trashing shops is not a form of social protest. It is called pillaging.


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