Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sony Has Been Vandalizing People's Computers for Eight Months.

It seems that Sony's music division has taken up cracking. (Cracking is what the hip young people call using computer skills to commit criminal and/or malicious acts as opposed to hacking which is a more general purpose term for such skills, knowledge and other computational voodoo.)

Like most crackers, and other petty criminals for that matter, Sony and their accomplices, First 4 Internet, lack any ability to appreciate the lack of ethics they have displayed saying that they are releasing a patch to make finding the damage easier and claiming that the damage was not that bad anyway so the world should stop whining. Classy.

By donning the black hat they are opening themselves up to a world of hurt from cyber vigilantes, not to mention possible criminal charges and an ass kicking in the market place. I personally have sworn off all music, partly because it is all crap and partly because even illegal downloading runs a risk of a fine and I would rather die than let one cent of my cash get into the hands of the recording industry. I don't even buy blank CDs anymore because a portion of the price here in Canada goes to the music industry (even though most blank CDs are used for non music computer storage). Fortunately I have a big load of blank discs given to me before I started my personal boycott. I even avoid listening to other people's music for fear that a tune might get stuck in my head and I would have to pay royalties to the evil industry of sound.

The Taliban were right about one thing. Music is evil. You need look no further than RIAA to see that. Down with music!


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